CLAMDIGGERS: March Literacy Enrichment Collection



CLAMDIGGERS: March’s Literacy Enrichment Collection

It is astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen. ~ Frances Burnett

March is filled with mystery. And some of its mystery is written in the whirling winds, changing from Winter to Spring.

This Mysterious Month encourages your Imagination to create a tale or two, observes Windy Weather, celebrates the Green of another Spring, and/or engages that sense of Humor you may have lost inside Winter’s cave.

Opportunities for creative expressions in art, science, math, social studies, and writing are included in March’s activities.

Each and Every Unit of the Literacy Enrichment Collection

The Components of each Unit include:

  • colorful Front & Back covers
  • a Contents list
  • an Introduction Sequence
  • a Master Materials List
  • a Thematic Literature List of fiction& nonfiction trade books
  • an overall Lesson Plan
  • Projects/Activities with Construction Instructions written on an Independent Reading Level for Grades 3 ~ 6

Ready, Set and Go!

Preparation for each of these units can be done  by following this sequence:

  • Read over the Materials & Tools needed for each project in the Master Materials List ~ a component included with each Unit.
  • Gather the Materials & Tools together specific for each Activity ~ card-stock, printing paper, scissors, glue, pencil, colors, etc.
  • Protect your work space with a plastic, washable tablecloth, newspaper, or butcher paper ~ the latter invites doodling & checklists.
  • Read all the steps included in the Sequence part of the Instructions provided for each Project/Activity BEFORE beginning.
  • Keep a copy of these Construction Instructions close by, so you can re-read as you create.
  • Clean up your work space when you have completed what you wanted to do.

What Is the CLAMDiggers’ Literacy Enrichment Program?

Click on this link for more information on CLAMDiggers’ Literacy Enrichment Program:

CLAMDiggers: An Enrichment Program for Upper Elementary Learners

Read on for more Details on each Unit, but, first, take a look at March’s Poetry Posters to provide each Unit with a little focus.

CLAMDiggers’ March Poetry for the Literacy Enrichment Collection

During my years in the classroom, I discovered the best way to focus my students’ attention for new content was a choral read of thematic poetry written with colorful images.

March’s six poems are printed onto six thematic 8 ½ x 11″ images you can enlarge if needed. The font sizes are large as well.

You can access this PDF freebie in Mz. Bizzy Lizzy Biz’s TPT Shop by clicking on this link: 

Use Your Imagination

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. ~ Dr. Seuss

Week One of CLAMDiggers:  March Literacy Enrichment Collection is a 42-page unit entitled Use Your Imagination.  It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • Use Your Imagination: A Guide in a personal journal format for recording “your fantastic ideas” with graphic organizers & “curiosity queries”.
  • Let’s Write A Script with templates for a storyboard, playbook covers & script pages.
  • Triangular Prism Diorama Sets with directions for constructing stage sets.

General Supply List: card-stock,printing paper, lined/unlined blank page inserts, binding, laminate, dry erase markers, construction paper, decorative papers, ruler, scissors,  glue, hole punch, markers, stapler

You can access the Use Your Imagination unit by clicking on the link below:

Windy Weather

The wind said, ” You know I am the result of forces beyond my control”. ~A.R. Ammons

Week Two of CLAMDiggers: March Literacy Enrichment Collection is a 26-page unit entitled Windy Weather. It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • Wind ~ Wise includes informative text with a Comprehension & Vocabulary Fill-In component
  • Wind Power has a Positive & Negative comparison Match Chart as a lead-in for a Book with a Page Insert Template
  • Wind Catcher with instructions & a Diagram for creating an outdoor Wind Catcher
  • Wind Vane is a multiple activity with directions & a Diagram for constructing an outdoor Wind Vane as a tool for gathering data to fill-in a Wind & Weather Data Log table

General Supply List:  card-stock, printing paper,  binding materials, pencil, colors, scissors, ruler, glue, specific Wind Catcher & Wind Vane construction materials

You can access the Windy Weather unit by  clicking on the link below:

A Wee Bit O’ Green

Nature’s first green is gold. ~ Robert Frost

Week Three of CLAMDiggers: March Literacy Enrichment Collection is a   20-page unit entitled A Wee Bit O’ Green. It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • Better Than Gold Poster with directions, images & Better Than Gold ideas for creating a Leprechaun/Rainbow-themed visual
  •  A Book O’ Green includes page templates & answers for categorizing all things green

General Supply List: poster board, card-stock, printing paper, paper scraps, markers, green pens, reference materials

You can access the A Wee Bit O’ Green unit by clicking on the link below:

Spring Into Spring

Spring-an experience in immortality. ~ H.D. Thoreau

Week Four of CLAMDiggers: March Literacy Enrichment Collection is an 20-page unit entitled Spring Into Spring.  It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • Sprout A Mini Garden  includes instructions with a materials list for starting seeds to plant in your Spring/Summer garden
  • Watch It Grow Flip~Book with directions for converting your observation log into a flip-book
  • Nature~Watchers’ Spring Journal is a book & vocabulary template with page inserts for recording the changes in plant & animal life in Spring

General Supply List: card-stock, printing paper, binding materials, seedling starter cups (egg cartons, cardboard rolls, etc.), soil, seeds, craft sticks

You can access the Spring Into Spring unit by clicking on the link below:

HUMOR: Now THAT’S Funny!

Humor is humankind’s greatest blessing. ~ Mark Twain

Week Five of CLAMDiggers: March Literacy Enrichment Collection is an 41-page unit entitled HUMOR: Now THAT’S Funny!  As a lead-in to  April Fools Day,  it contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • A Comedian’s Handbook: Helpful Hints  is a 24-page informative booklet with front/back covers and includes presentation ideas.
  • SOOOO FUNNY! : My Favorite Jokes & Riddles  has a category list for you to include as you construct a book of your favs to share.
  • Create  Cartoon Strip has dialogue templates and a sample cartoon frame to use for your new cartoon series.

General Supply List: card-stock, printing paper, binding materials,  pencil, notebook paper, cartoon strips, adding machine tape. construction paper

You can access the HUMOR unit by clicking on the link below:

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You can  access CLAMDiggers:  March Literacy Enrichment Collection units individually or as a 5-Unit bundle for your convenience & savings.

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