Toy~Telling Tales : 5 Story Scripts Using Your Child’s Toys


And Then My Bear Said…..

Some of the most endearing stories you will ever hear (or overhear) will be spoken by a child ~ your child while playing with his/her toys.

You might want to write these stories down and/or capture them in some way for future use.

The Story Scripts I created for Toy ~ Telling Tales may be a little spark in your child’s daily screenplay and/or short story manuscript.

You never know where the imagination can take you…. or do you?!?


My Toys Can Tell A Story

One of the most interesting and delightful ways to discover what is inside your child’s mind will be revealed as you listen to her/him play with toys. 

Be prepared to gain a few fascinating insights into how your child is responding to you and the world around him/her.

Building a story with your child using toys is an engaging way to create a literacy  opportunity.

Having a short conversation while using the story scripts I created in Toy~Telling Tales : 5 Story Scripts Using Your Child’s Toys, will help you & your child decide on the toys to use for the storybooks that can be written.

Remember, too, repetition of the stories is a valuable literacy tool for the continued growth of language expression.

This 28-page, download / copy / printable resource in an  8″x11″ PDF will bring you and yours hours of meaningful,  interactive fun!


  • Toy ~ Telling Tales Instructions
  • Story Script Guide
  • 5 Story Scripts 
  • Tale Title Book Cover
  • Tale Title Book Page
  • Toy ~ Telling Tale Book Model
  • Blank Story Book Page

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock & printer paper
  • laminate
  • scissors or cutter
  • binding for manual & books

A Few Toy ~ Telling Tale Tips

Present one of the Story Scripts as an overview, using your own words. You can, then, make a few toy “character” suggestions. Hopefully, your child will have some ideas about the “stars” of the story to be included.

“Read” the Script, using the toy characters to see how the words will fit in the story and on the pages. Using one sentence per page will make it easier to insert a photo or drawing.

Only a few  “pages” might be completed, which can be a good thing for repeat & review. Since it’s a fold-over, the storybook can be as long or short as needed.

Your child will probably want to create a story of her/his own. How fun will that be?!? YAY !

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