Prop~Templates for 6 (or 7) Simple Pretend Plays


“Pretend I Am……..”

Just how many characters and scenarios do you think a child re-enacts a day?

Depending on the mood, curiosity & interests of the child….quite a few. And, surprisingly, s/he can intermingle the roles seamlessly. Finding a common thread within Pretend Plays is an intriguing part of the Power of Dramatic Play.

Encourage discovery, creativity, understanding, AND Literacy in your child(ren)’s world of everyday Pretend Play with the easy-to-use Prop~Templates for 6   Simple Pretend Plays.


The Real Life of Pretend Play

Ever wonder what your child(ren) will take away from home when making an independent life?

Have you heard yourself saying, “Where did you learn that?”

How would you rate yourself as a “role model?’

The answers to these questions, and more, MUCH MORE, are within the open walls of your child(ren)’s world of Pretend Play.

With an uncanny attention to the details of every day life, your child(ren) can happily engage in activities we, as adults, think about as pretty…. mundane.

To create the signs, hat symbols, bin labels, lists & forms  for Prop~Templates for 6 (or 7) Simple Pretend Plays ,  I needed  some re-focus time  on what the  “Main Ideas” & “Important Details” of each simple scenario had to include. 

This 26~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download, copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF will  increase the serious, realistic FUN in your child(ren)’s Pretend Play World.


  • Contents   List
  • Construction Instructions
  • How~To Tips & Ideas
  • How To Make Manual & Prop~Template Pieces
  • 20 Prop~Template Sheets for  6 or7 Pretend Plays
  • Prop~Templates: signs, hat symbols, bin labels, forms & lists

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock & printer paper
  • laminate
  • scissors or cutter
  • strong wide tape or stapler
  •  poster-board or stretchy cloth headbands
  • binding for manual

Tips & Ideas

Keep Pretend Play Prop pieces organized in separate, labeled zip-lock bags, mini bins or large, labeled envelopes.

Use stack-able, clear bins for Pretend Play components storage.

Large, durable cardboard boxes make wonderful props.

If you have several Pretend Plays engaging your children, inter-changing pieces, like tables, chairs, linens, cloths, play foods & dishes can be kept in one place as a “Supply Station.”

Yard sales and discount stores are perfect place to find inexpensive play props for the Pretend Play scenarios.

Children LOVE to use your “old” stuff for Pretend Play.

Re-use recyclables for props, covering them with appropriate words & pictures. Some, like soap containers, can be cleaned and used as is.

Cut out large colorful magazine pictures, download images from the computer and/or draw the visuals you need. Then, glue them onto cardboard or some other harder surface.

Use construction paper & poster-board to make food stuff, band-aids, tools, utensils.

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