OH YAY! A RESEARCH PROJECT!: Processes, Templates & Resources


WOW ! I’m Learning A LOT !

Learning new things about subjects interesting to you is a wonderful and exciting part of life !

Sharing your discoveries in an particular, organized way can be somewhat overwhelming ~ especially if it involves step-after-step-after-step…

My toolkit for completing a successful Research Project,  OH YAY! A RESEARCH PROJECT!: Processes, Templates & Resources provides you & yours with (almost) everything needed to complete an investigation into any Topic.


Hey ! This Research Is Fun!

Teaching any multiple step procedure not only requires patience & review, it, also, needs to have clear, simple & sequential directions ~ that make sense and build on what is already done/known.

Although your child needs the freedom to explore and discover, when  a destination (Research Topic) is given, a map with specific directions is a necessity.

 OH YAY ! A RESEARCH PROJECT ! : Processes, Templates & Resources includes easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for completing any Research & Science Fair Project effectively & accurately.

This 50 ~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download,  copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF  has all of the Information Templates, Graphic Organizers, Project Ideas, and Presentation Options your young Scholar needs to successfully meet the requirements of The Research Project.


  • Contents List
  • Construction Instructions
  • Tips & Suggestions
  • Parent Involvement Guide-Lines
  • The 10-Step Research Project Process
  • How-To-Do The Science Fair Project
  • 5 Graphic Organizers
  • 11 Templates
  • 4 Reference Charts


  • Contents  List
  • Parent Involvement Guide-Lines
  • The 10-Step Research Project Process
  • 4 Templates
  • 5 Graphic Organizers
  • 7 Lists
  • Reference Chart Checklist
  • How-To-Do The Science Fair Project: The 8-Step Process
  • 7 Templates
  •  Graphic Organizer
  • 4 Lists
  • 2 Reference Charts

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock; printer paper
  • laminate
  • strong wide tape, stapler or binder coil
  • pencils
  • a variety of organizational tools

Tips & Ideas

Ensure your child has a Learning Space that promotes focus and productivity.

Brain Breaks that include physical activity are an important part of endurance and concentration.

Organization will promote accuracy and effective Time Management of days-into-weeks tasks.

Encourage your child to be an independent researcher & experimenter.  Praise his/her accomplishments and help her/him learn from the challenges.

Finally, remember, Research Projects are an ongoing part of your young Scholar’s Literacy life. Make sure s/he is interested & curious about the Topics at hand.

BLB’s Resource Library has a list of Nonfiction Books your Second Grader may be able to read ( and Research) independently. Just click on the link below :


If your Researcher needs a refresher on how to effectively use Informational Text Features, BLB Shop has a resource for that. Just click on the link below :


I would love to hear how  effective this Literacy Tool is with your child’s Research Projects. Please share with us !

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