Ka~Zam I Am ! : A Learning Tool for Reading & Writing Word Families & High Frequency Words


I Wrote This Story…..

Prepare to be AMAZED as you listen to the sentences & stories your budding writer is ready to share!

Whether a serious observation of dogs and cats, a day in the life of…., or a funny tale of a talking red bed named Zed, creating real or silly, nonsense phrases & sentences are wonderful ways to promote Literacy and lots of family fun.

Your writer’s drawings alone will be worth 100 words. Those  pictures, BTW, will promote, not only the understanding of the words, sentences & stories, but also add a very valuable strategy when reading unknown words in the future.

So, curl up, listen &, maybe, giggle away ~ today because…. Ka~Zam I Am ! ~there’s a new author in town!



I Am A Reader & A Writer !

If someone – young or old – has the desire to read, s/he WILL learn to read. Learning how to read depends on the learner and, of course, the teacher. If that someone is “reluctant”, or unsure, writing to read is a positive gateway to success. After all – who doesn’t like to read his/her own words or story?!?

Your child’s love  for the rhythm of rhyme will easily engage him /her to sing a song of phrases. Including the high frequency words within the phrases will create more understanding in the structure of sentences s/he will want to read, write, and remember. Think – “in” vs “on”.

Ka~Zam I Am ! : A Learning Tool for Reading & Writing Word Families & High Frequency Words  will encourage, not only sentences, but also  some wonderful, keepsake stories from your “emergent” reader.

This 25~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download, copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF will guide your child into the Literacy World of Reading & Writing.


  • Contents & Materials List
  • How To Make Manual & Tool Pieces
  • How To Use Tools in Games
  • 25 Word Strips (Word Families & HFW) for Word Cards
  • Blank Word Strips Template
  • 12 Word Card Pockets
  • 2 Handwriting Paper Templates
  • 3 Book Covers (Words, Sentences, Story)

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock & printer paper
  • laminate
  • scissors or cutter
  • strong wide tape or stapler
  • rubber bands or clips
  • bindings for manual & books

Tips & Ideas

Include the Word Strips pages in your Manual to use as a checklist.

Play a lot of oral word games before writing as warm-up activities.

Let your child set the writing pace. Writing is a fine motor skill & takes time to develop. It has nothing to do with intelligence (think MD prescriptions).

Some Handwriting Tips

Make a dot-to-dot of the word(s) on the Handwriting page for your child to trace with a FAT pencil.

Write the word(s) in highlighter for your child to trace with a FAT pencil.

Place your hand lightly atop his/her writing hand as a guide.

Have your child “dictate” the word/sentence as you write it down. Then, s/he can match the word cards to it(them).

Play “I Write/You Draw”, taking turns & switching roles.

Remember~ although Handwriting is an important developmental skill, getting your child’s reading thoughts down on paper is a priority (in my opinion). S/he will WANT to read his/her words~I promise!

Just a little sidebar note~ I Am Jam ! was created as one of 3 in a Literacy Series for teaching your youngster how to read.  Word Families is a FUN way to build confidence and success. Yes, I Am ! (part 2) concentrates on High Frequency, or Sight Words. These words provide a bridge into the beginning-to-read path. Learning Word Families & High Frequency Words will have your child reading~yes, reading~ and ready to write. So, with the 3rd part of this Series: Ka~Zam I Am !, your young reader will be writing & reading together~very powerful, indeed!

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