Drawing Pictures Helps Me Read & Write

Your beginning reader will enjoy sharing how s/he is learning to use the strategies of Picture Clues & Context Clues when coming to an unknown word while reading. 

Learning to draw pictures of the sentences & use the words around an unknown word s/he is reading will increase his/her understanding & word recognition accuracy.

These 6 Mini Fill-in-the Blanks books included in  I Can Read, Write & Draw These Books, Too! will give your emergent reader the confidence s/he needs to continue into the world of new (and, yes, harder) words & content.


Want to Hear Me Read This Book I Wrote!?!

Is your child beginning to use the pictures & drawings in books to help read AND understand the words in the text?  If so, using this Reading Strategy is strong start to becoming a successful reader!

I Can  Read, Write & Draw These Books, Too is a fun &   effective  way to help your child understand how pictures can help him/her read & understand unfamiliar words.  

Drawing pictures of words is an important way to increase comprehension skills. Practicing this Reading Strategy with  her/his own drawings will help reinforce this skill.

The Fill-in-the-Blank format of these mini-books supports the Context Clues Strategy. This strategy uses the surrounding words to help define & understand unfamiliar words in the text being read.

Added Bonus ~ Each book concentrates on a variety of specific topics your child is learning while  reinforcing the concept of sentence structures.

This 32 ~ page (includes front & back covers) download,  copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF will continue to reinforce the reading strategies your child is  learning in the classroom, while having LOTS of fun with you !


  • Contents & Intro
  • Construction Instructions
  • Tips & Ideas
  • 6 Book Templates
  • Books Storage Pocket
  • Blank Word Cards Template


  • Contents  List
  • How-to-Use Instructions w/ Tips & Ideas
  • 6 Fill-in-the Blank Book Templates with Word Banks: Numbers, Colors, Story, Opposites, Questions & Commands

 Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock
  • printer paper
  • laminate
  • scissors
  • strong wide tape or stapler or binder coil
  • pencils
  • colored pencils & crayons
  • envelope or zip-lock baggy for word cards storage

Tips & Ideas

Review the words in the Word Bank of each book before beginning to read the text. Talk about what the words mean & have your child uses them in sentences.

You may want to write them on the blank word cards & spread them on a flat surface beside the book.

Have your child read a page and, then, draw a picture of the words s/he just read above those words. Make sure they match. Sometimes, using arrows to the defining picture helps.

Once the book is completed, Make another Template copy. Ask your child to brainstorm other words (besides the ones in the Word Bank) to use in the Fill-in-the-Blanks.

Encourage your child to read the completed book to others. S/he may want to bring it to school to share with classmates. Celebrate!

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