I Will Write A Story About…

Is your child a story-teller ? True ones? Imagined ones? Or…well, you know what other whoppers s/he may tell !!!

S/he can turn those stories, with the help of some additional Picture Word cards, Known Action Words and a few Known Describing Words, into a Narrative piece of writing. You know~one that will meet those classroom writing expectations.

This Literacy Writing for the Narrative Tool, PRIMARY STORY SEQUENCE STARTERS will inspire even the biggest “I don’t know what to write about…” shoulder~shruggers to put pencil & imagination to paper.



Pictures Tell A Story

Remember when you were reading a story to your “baby” and s/he started talking about all the details in the pictures!?! Did you think of writing a “new” story…based on the old one?

Pictures can inspire emotions from the past, current feelings, and, even, thoughts about the future. They can give form to hard-to-express ideas, spark imaginations, and offer suggestions for different inquiries.

PRIMARY STORY SEQUENCE STARTERS: Pics & Word Cards Helpers is a fun  &  effective  way to help your child create stories during a “writer’s block”, add details to a growing tale, and use images to further the “plot”. 

This 27 ~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download,  copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF will encourage your young author’s story-telling process with Picture Word Cards as well as Action & Describing Words to spark his/her imagination.


      • Contents
      • Materials with Tips & Ideas
      •   Card Storage Pockets
      • Who, What, When & Where Picture Word Cards
      •  Words Lists
      • Blank  Cards Template
      •   Graphic Organizer


  • Contents  List
  • How-to-Use Instructions w/ Tips & Ideas
  • 4 Picture Word Cards Storage Pockets
  • 2 Word Cards Storage Pockets
  • 90 Picture Words Cards
  • K~3 DOLCH Action & Describing Words Lists
  • Blank Picture Words & Word Cards Templates
  • Story Sequence Graphic Organizer

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock & printer paper
  • laminate
  • scissors or cutter
  • strong wide tape or stapler
  • binding for manual
  • fat writing pencil & eraser
  • permanent & washable coloring tools
  • spiral or notebook for Sloppy Copy

Tips & Ideas

Once your child has organized the Picture Word cards into the correct Storage Pockets, have him/her decide where s/he wants to begin the Story. Sometimes When & Where are easier to think about than Who or What.

If the Who or What Picture Word cards do not include the Character(s) and/or object(s) s/he wants to be a part of  the Story, draw them onto a Blank Picture Word card(s).

Have your child tell the story just using the Pictures.

See if s/he can “catch” some of the Action & Describing Words from the Dolch lists. Write them on the Blank Word cards & include them within the Picture Word cards.

Have your child write in her/his  Sloppy Copy at this point or transfer the cards onto the Story Sequence Graphic Organizer.

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