I Am Writing About…

Writing about this…writing about that…writing to him & her….writing a Story….writing an Article (WHAT!?!)… writing an Opinion (OK….) …writing Directions (yeah, right…)

Seriously~beginning in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade, continuing throughout Middle & High School and, of course, (pun intended) in College.

Oh EEK!! And for some…YUCK!!!

Let Meeting Primary Level’s Writing Expectations : A Practice Toolkit for the 4 Forms of Written Expressions guide you & yours through the ins, outs, ups & downs of written expressions (to mention a few words…).



What Form of  Writing Should I Use ?

This Literacy skill can be a bit….well…tedious &, for some~BORING!!!

But~it doesn’t have to be, well, boring…

Using Conversation, oral Story-Telling, Debates & Show-Me-How directions can lead to Written Expressions for all of the above AND Meet Primary Level’s Writing Expectations!

Meeting Primary Level’s Writing Expectations : A Practice Toolkit for the 4 Forms of Written Expressions is an easy-to-use guide full of information, ideas, tips & suggestions for  encouraging your young author to use those developing fine motor skills and write the next Great Novel, Presidential Speech and/or Debate as well as How-To Colonize Mars.

Addressing the 4 specific writing forms your child is expected to use, this Toolkit will show you & yours How-To successfully meet those writing objectives.

This 32 ~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download,  copy & printable resource Toolkit in an 8″x11″ PDF will  reinforce the concepts your child is & will be learning in this year’s classroom as well as in the years to follow.


  • Introduction
  • Contents & Materials
  • Tips & Suggestions
  •  Writing Guides
  • Graphic Organizer Templates
  •  Writing Templates
  • Transition Words List


  • Contents  List
  • How-to-Use Instructions w/ Tips & Ideas
  • 4 Informational Guides with Topic Ideas
  • 6 Graphic Organizers for the 4 Writing Forms
  • 4 Final Copy Writing Templates
  • Specific Transition Words for the 4 Writing Forms

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer  
  • card-stock   
  • printer paper 
  • laminate
  • strong wide tape or stapler or binder coil
  •  pencils
  • colored pencils & crayons
  • spiral or notebook

Tips & Ideas

Ask your child what s/he has been writing in class to help reinforce that specific writing form.

Or ask her/his teacher which writing form is on the horizon.

If s/he keeps an interactive journal with you & other family members, browse through it together for topics s/he might like to continue in more detail. For example, comments about a class or family field trip to a Space Museum could lead to an Informative Article (“Exhibits of The Space Museum”),  a Narrative Story (“Lost in The Space Museum”), an Opinion Essay (“You Should Visit The Space Museum!”), or a How-To Composition (“How-To Ride in a Space Capsule at The Space Museum”). Even a trip to Grandma’s house can grow into one of the 4 Written Expressions.

Talk about the topic & ask questions to help your young writer focus on the expectations. Use the Graphic Organizer for thoughts & ideas on the topic s/he has chosen. Enlarge or draw the GO on a larger piece of paper, if needed.

Save the complete sentences for the next step: The Sloppy Copy. You can number the parts of the GO & , then, number every other  line in the Sloppy Copy spiral or notebook.

Have  lists of known  Sight, Spelling & Vocabulary Words  as well as Word Spacing, Capitalization & Punctuation reminders nearby.

Your child can check-list the reminders & GO notes to correspond with the Sloppy Copy. Ask editing questions instead of telling your child about errors. “How does a sentence begin? What goes at the end of a sentence? Does that sentence make sense?”

Start with simple sentences. Ask questions to encourage your writer to add describing words & phrases.

Practicing this important Literacy skill everyday will help improve those writing skills. Promise!!!

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