My Calendar Corner : Daily PreK thru 3rd Grade Literacy Activities


Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Predictability and routine help build the confidence needed for risk-taking in your child’s ever-changing world.  Being able to understand time and its events is an important life skill to learn.

The activities found in My Calendar Corner will grow with your child’s interests  while s/he explores & discovers the  everyday world.  Prepare for some new Literacy adventures. 

You may even overhear it become a frequent part of Pretend Play with friends ~ real, stuffed &/or imaginary!


Here’s Our Local Weather…

A Daily Calendar,  like the ones used in the Primary & Early  Childhood classrooms,  is one of the easiest ways to engage your eager learner with numerous Literacy opportunities.

My years spent in these classrooms were the inspiration for this Literacy product. We LOVED Calendar Time! Every Day!

This interactive time will provide her/him with a  cross-curriculum study   in vocabulary, reading, writing, problem solving, & prediction, regardless of the grade level. 

Created for children on multi- levels,   My Calendar Corner : Daily PreK thru 3rd Grade Literacy Activities  promotes growth in   life,   language, reading, & writing skills through several subject areas at your child’s own  learning pace.

This 34 ~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download, copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF will prepare and reinforce the concepts your child is & will be learning in the classroom, while having LOTS of fun with you !


    • Contents & Materials List
    • How To Make Manual & Activity Pieces
    • Calendar Assembly Diagram
    • Calendar Activities Sequence
    • Calendar, Weather & Word Work Activity Pieces
    • Word Families Lists 
    •  Pre-K thru 3rd grade Dolch Sight Word Lists


Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock & printer paper
  • laminate
  • scissors or cutter
  • strong wide tape or stapler
  • binding for manual
  • 36×48″ space (wall, fold-up display board, cork or white board)
  • double-stick tape, stick-um tack &/or push pins
  • construction paper
  • paper fastener brads
  • dry erase markers


Tips & Ideas

Present all the activity pieces to your child as an interest inventory & go from there. You can add other parts later.

Start the activities on your child’s interest & learning level. Let him/her set the learning pace & be the teacher, so you’ll know what s/he knows.

Set a Calendar Time segment during the day. Maybe not everyday, if your child is doing a Daily Calendar activity at school. Maybe use it as a “Share what you learned” moment.

Try sharing a Daily Riddle and/or Joke. Your child will LOVE that!

Using a fold-up display board will allow mobility of the center as well as the ability to slide it away somewhere when not in use.


 I hope you & yours enjoy these Literacy activities as much as I enjoyed creating them. I’d love to hear from you! Any questions or concerns?

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