Let’s Learn A Little Spanish: Mini~Lessons for Speaking


Hola Means Hello!

All my students, in any grade level, thought learning words in another language was FUN. They felt proud and smart to know how to speak a word (or ten) in another way. Practicing could be heard through out the school day.

Engaging your child in a variety of simple activities while learning number, color, food, weather & family words is easy. Let’s Learn A Little Spanish: Mini~Lessons for Speaking can help you teach your child to speak several common words & phrases quickly. The benefits for his/her Literacy growth & development are numerous!



I Know Words in Spanish!

Did you know one of the best things you can give your child is the opportunity to learn another language?

There are numerous benefits to acquiring more than one language. It builds Literacy & Thinking skills as well as boosts confidence, broadens your child’s global perspective, especially in relation to the discovery and  experience of his/her heritage.

The Spanish language has many similarities to the English language. They share common words (pronounced a little differently, of course) and say each letter sound within a word (most of the time). Let’s Learn A Little Spanish: Mini~Lessons for Speaking is packed with everyday words your child (and you) can learn quickly & easily!

Millions of people speak both languages and share cultural activities~here in the USA!

This 42 ~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download,  copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF  includes lessons for teaching & learning 10 different groups of vocabulary words. You & your child will have LOTS of fun while making a global difference!


  • Introduction
  • Contents & Materials List
  • Language Lessons
  • English~Spanish Word Cards & Pockets
  • Activity Sheets


  • Introduction
  • Construction Instructions
  • Lesson Tips & Ideas
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • 14 English~Spanish Word Cards
  • 9 Activity Sheets
  • Word Cards Pockets
  • Thank You & Copyright

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock & printer paper
  • laminate
  • scissors or cutter
  • strong wide tape or stapler
  • binding for manual
  • rubber bands  & O-rings
  • dry erase markers
  • pencils & crayons

Tips & Ideas

Use poetry, rhymes, games & music as effective ways to engage your child’s ears when learning another language. Numerous websites can help you with collect & listen to some of those materials.

Serve “tapas”, or Spanish snack foods during the lessons. It can be something as simple as olives & cheese or tostados & salsa. Something more filling, like empanadas (stuffed turnovers) or soft tacos Americanas (my recipe~pb&j spread on a warm flour tortilla & rolled up) is considered tapas as well.

Make the lessons casual & informal. Sprinkle the words throughout the day at home and/or during outings. Reinforce the words immediately with the English translations.

 I hope you & yours enjoy this  Language Literacy activity as much as I enjoyed creating it. I’d love to hear from you!

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