THE TINY GIANT: An Interactive Informational Text Features Learning Tool


The Power of Small

One small word, say as a part of an image’s labels, can make a  difference in your child’s understanding of nonfiction informational content.

Think ~ Where is the ankle located on the human body ? Which part of a plant keeps it stable ? What constellation in the sky is Ursa Major ?

THE TINY GIANT: An Interactive Informational Text Features Learning Tool with its book about a favorite fruit ~ Watermelon~ within a Manual is a fun, engaging way for your young Researcher to learn how to get the most information out of a nonfiction read.


It’s All in the Details

Just one page of Informational Text in nonfiction content can contribute a lot of important data to a Research Project.

Learning how to inspect these details will make the process of gathering information easier and less time-consuming. Yes ~ a picture can tell the story, especially if you read the caption underneath it.

THE TINY GIANT: An Interactive Informational Text Features Learning Tool includes a mini, nonfiction book about Watermelons, which I created to instruct your child with hands-on activities on how to discover and use Informational Text Features ~ a key literacy learning tool for directing accurate research.

This 45 ~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download,  copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF uses colorful, real-life photos as part of the book’s nonfiction content as well as many opportunities for your child to participate in the actual learning of Informational Text Features.


  • Contents List
  • Construction Instructions
  • Tips & Suggestions
  • Interactive Nonfiction Book about
  • Watermelons
  • Comprehension Pages
  • Answer Guide


  • Contents  List
  • 26~page nonfiction book about Watermelons with common,  multiple Informational Text Features 
  • 10~page comprehension workbook to “test” your child’s understanding of the Informational Text Features found in THE TINY SEED book
  • Answer Guide for Interactive Informational Text Features activities & Comprehension workbook

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock; printer paper
  • laminate
  • strong wide tape, stapler or binder coil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencils
  • strong wide tape, stapler or binder coil
  • a variety of special materials & a variety of food ingredients with cooking utensils 

Tips & Ideas

Construct the Watermelon book together with your child.

Read the book together, taking turns per page, unless s/he wants to read it independently.

Combine the Comprehension pages into its own workbook. Have your child answer independently as his/her own pace.

Keep a check list of the different Text Features as a gauge for your child’s understanding & mastery.

Include this product in your Scholar’s Research Project bin, folder or notebook as a Reference Tool.

Use the Recipes as a Celebration or Family Cooking Activity.

BLB’s Resource Library has a list of Nonfiction Books your Second Grader may be able to read ( and Research) independently. Just click on the link below :

I would love to hear how  effective this Literacy Tool is with your child’s Learning of Informational Text Features. Please share with us !

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