I Am Jam ! : Reading Word Families Games


Yam Jam, Pam ? Sam?

Rhyming words is one of the most engaging ways to explore and discover language for anyone of any age, especially for the very young. The sing-song, rhythmic, and often simple, expression of rhyme can invite and turn squirmy non-listeners into giggly fans, eager to repeat the words being spoken.

Lots of  hands~on fun will engage your young learner when s/he enters the rhyming world of Word Families in I Am Jam !  Several game ideas are included to keep your emerging reader hopping back again & again !


 Yam Jam, I Am !

How many rhyming tales have you repeated over & over & over again ? How many of those books have been purchased for the  2nd or 3rd time? How many of those stories can you recite by heart? And so can your child?

Time for some new and even sillier rhymes you and yours can clap & tap to over & over again?!?

I Am Jam ! : Reading Word Families Games is a fun and “musical” way into enter the world of reading while playing with rhyming words as well as recognizing , remembering, and, yes, reading those words.

The visual cues through pictures, letters & words included in this game collection encourage sounds and words to be spoken again & again.

Listening, seeing and touching, when used together,  teach and empower youngsters how to learn with confidence. Playing with sounds & words encourages mastery as well as creativity.

Remember~ when learning is fun, learning gets done!

This 37~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download, copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF will provide  important building blocks  for the beginning, or emergent reader in an engaging and entertaining way.


  • Contents & Materials List
  • How To Make Manual & Game Pieces
  • How To Play Games
  • 20 Word Family Game Card Sheets
  • Game Mat
  • 26 Additional Word Family Options
  • Blank Word Family Game Card Sheet

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock & printer paper
  • laminate
  • scissors or cutter
  • strong wide tape or stapler
  • rubber bands or clips
  • binding for manual

Tips & Ideas

Include a copy of the Word Family Game Strips in your Manual to use as an on-going  checklist for fluency, mastery & review.

Choose with your child a few Word Families in the beginning to avoid confusion. Let your child set the learning pace.

Mix-ups can provide learning opportunities for mastery.

Have your child help you sort & organize the Word Family Game Cards  into the correct Storage Pockets.

Use the beginning letter strips to teach the letter sounds.

Reinforce (with some exaggeration) the ending letter sounds in each Word Family as you play.

Mix up the beginning letter strips to create Nonsense Words.

Take turns with your learner, making him/her the “teacher.” You’ll discover what your child has learned & still needs to learn.


Just a little sidebar note~ I Am Jam ! was created as one of 3 in a Literacy Series for teaching your youngster how to read.  Word Families is a FUN way to build confidence and success. Yes, I Am ! (part 2) concentrates on High Frequency, or Sight Words. These words provide a bridge into the beginning-to-read path. Learning Word Families & High Frequency Words will have your child reading~yes, reading~ and ready to write. So, with the 3rd part of this Series: Ka~Zam I Am !, your young reader will be writing & reading together~very powerful, indeed!

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