Your Home~Grown Primary Physical Science Lab


  Motion, Matter & Me !

Beginning with the Physical Science while using everyday things to explain Forces in Motion & the Properties of Matter will help expand your child’s observation skills as well as the reasoning skills of cause/effect,   compare/contrast as well as  inferencing, & drawing conclusions.

The opportunities for hands-on experiences are numerous! I included the “Life Science” concept of Living & Nonliving as part of these Investigations instead of in the Life Science  Investigations as an exposure and lead-in to things that are “real” compared to things that are “not real” .



    Living & Nonliving Things in Earth’s Motion & Matter!

How are living things different from nonliving things? Why is motion called a force ? What is matter & how does it change?

Inquiry, exploration & discovery of the world  is critical to the healthy growth & development of your child. 

Engaging and encouraging investigations (instead of trying to explain everything) using experiments is a meaningful & relevant way to introduce the many concepts of scientific discovery.

It can promote lots of brain activity, help build problem solving skills, increase her/his understanding of the world as well as equip your child with the ability to practice these methods in a variety of ways throughout his/her lifetime.  

Major added bonus~ it’s A LOT OF FUN !!

Your Home~Grown Primary Science Lab for the Physical Science of Living & Nonliving Things, Forces of Motion as well as States & Properties of Matter is one of the 4 main Sciences your child will be learning as a Primary grade school student. I created hands-on, interactive “labs” for the other 3 Sciences ~Earth, Life  & Ecology~so you & yours can enjoy more exploration & discovery times together.

This 43 ~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download,  copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF will prepare and reinforce the concepts your child is & will be learning in the classroom, while having LOTS of fun with you !


  • Contents & Materials List
  • 4 Labels & Lists
  • 4 Inquiry Investigations with Multiple Activity Ideas
  • 5 Classification Mats with Picture & Vocabulary Cards
  • 4 Data Sheets for Experiment Results
  • Blank Picture & Vocabulary Cards Template


  • Introduction & Construction Instructions
  • Tips & Ideas
  • Labels & Lists
  • INVESTIGATION: Living & Nonliving Things w/ 11 Activities
  •  Classification Mats
  • Living & Nonliving Data Sheet
  • INVESTIGATION: Forces in Motion ~ Push/Pull w/ 9 Activities
  •  Classification Mat
  • INVESTIGATION: Forces in Motion ~ Float/Sink w/ 8 Activities
  •  Classification Mat
  • INVESTIGATION: Matter ~ Solid, Liquid, Gas w/ 9 Activities
  •  Classification Mats
  •  Matter Data Sheets
  • Blank Picture & Vocabulary Cards Template
  • Thank You & Copyright

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock & printer paper
  • laminate
  • scissors or cutter
  • strong wide tape or stapler
  • binding for manual
  • rubber bands & clips 
  •  large & small envelopes &/or zip-lock bags
  • glue & tape
  • stack-able clear bins for organizing the  many Investigations’ tools, materials, supplies
  • 3-ring binder-journal w/ blank paper for predictions, drawings, observations, data sheets, info, responses OR a spiral OR composition book
  • see individual Investigations for specific elements needed

Tips & Ideas

Prepare for the Investigations by reading, gathering & organizing all materials, tools & supplies beforehand. Involve your curious scientist in as much of this process as possible. Make it his/her lab with your role being the “Safety Inspector”.

Check out the Activities to decide which ones are age-appropriate for your child. If you have multi-age children, encourage them to share & monitor the younger ones.

Questions, experiments & explorations are CRITICAL to a successful learning environment. Be an  interactive guide & encourage her/him on the path of discovery.

Let your child (ren) set the pace. Go off on those tangents for teachable moments. Promote Inventions!!!

I hope you & yours enjoy these Science Lab Investigations as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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