WORD FIXES: Contractions, Prefixes & Suffixes Literacy Activities


What A Letter or Two Will Do

Adding or omitting letters to the beginning, ending and/or within “root” words can change their meaning into a different one ~ entirely !

Think ~ colorful to colorless or re-wrap to unwrap.

The Contractions, Prefixes & Suffixes Literacy Activities included in WORD FIXES : Adding & Subtracting Letters to Make New Words will help your child use specific letters to change & understand these new  word meanings.


Changing A Word with Letter Adds or Omits

Learning about Contractions, Prefixes & Suffixes can be a challenging Word Study skill for Beginning readers to learn and use.

Using these Contractions, Prefixes & Suffixes Literacy Activities as practice and review with some word play is an effective way to help your child recognize how words can change by adding & subtracting a variety of letters to beginnings, endings & within words.

WORD FIXES : Adding & Subtracting Letters to Make New Words ~ Contractions, Prefixes & Suffixes Literacy Activities provides many opportunities for learning how to change “root” words into different ones in an engaging way .

This 64 ~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download,  copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF is an interactive, hands-on way for your child to  read & write new   vocabulary words with different meanings from known words.


  • Contraction Game Mat & Game Pieces
  • Blank Contraction Game Pieces Template
  • Contraction Sequence Sheet & Blank Template
  •   Prefixes Booklet
  • Prefixes Word List Chart for: re-, pre-, un- & dis-
  •   Suffixes Booklet
  • Suffixes Word List Chart for: -ful, -less, -er, & -est


  • Contents Page
  • Construction Instructions
  • Tips & Suggestions
  • Contraction Game Mat with 60 Game Pieces
  • Blank Contraction Game Pieces Template
  • Contraction Sequence Sheet & Blank Template
  • 24-page Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Prefix Booklet
  • Prefix Word List Chart for: re-, pre-, un- & dis-
  • 15-page Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Suffix Booklet
  • Suffix Word List Chart for: -ful, -less, -er, & -est

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
    • card-stock; printer paper
    • laminate
    • strong wide tape, stapler or binder coil
    • scissors, pencil, colors, dry erase markers
    • notebook binder with divider tabs
    • plastic storage sleeve

Tips & Ideas

You can assemble a binder for Word Study to include tabs for Compound Words, Contractions, Prefixes, Suffixes, Synonyms, Antonyms, etc.

  Contraction Action: 3-hole punch Game Mat & insert into binder behind Contractions tab. Put cut out red, yellow & green circles in Storage Pocket. Keep in plastic sleeve behind tab.

You can, also, cut apart the Sequence pieces & keep them in the Storage Pocket. Use a dry erase marker to re-use pieces.

Prefixes & Suffixes Books:  Use the book sections in any order. Make sure to include “new words on Word List Charts. Keep books in plastic sleeves behind tabs.

Create new books as your child learns  more prefixes & suffixes. Add pages to the books with new sentences.

Look for new words environmentally to add to the Word List Chart.

  You can, also, “invent” words for fun. Make sure to define them & use them in silly or real sentences as well.  

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 I would love to hear how  effective these Literacy Games  help your child learn the Vocabulary skill of changing words by adding Prefixes & Suffixes and omitting letters to make  Contractions.

Please share with us !

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