CONSONANT BLENDS: Learn Beginning & Ending Blends


2 Consonants = 1 Blend

Sometimes blending 2 distinct consonant sounds together before you begin and complete a word can be a little challenging.

However, seeing the word in context with other known words can make the task go more smoothly.

The Brain~Teaser Book I created for this Literacy Tool,  CONSONANT BLENDS: Learn Beginning & Ending Blends with A Riddle Book & Word Lists Mats will engage your child’s Critical Thinking skills as s/he uses Context Clues to solve the Riddle sentences.


Blending Sounds

Blending consonant sounds, even known sounds, can be challenging for a Beginning reader.

Including the Consonant Blend Words within a sentence filled with known words  your child can read will help him/her acquire this skill more easily and with greater accuracy.

Identifying & writing these Blend Words on a specific Word Lists Chart can provide opportunities for practice, review & mastery.

CONSONANT BLENDS: Learn Beginning & Ending Blends with A Riddle Book & Word Lists Mats includes an easy-to-read Brain ~ Teaser Book with specific beginning & ending consonant blends that can be read in any order. The Word Lists Mats will reinforce this new skill while encouraging new vocabulary recognition & usage.

This 36 ~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download,  copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF  is a multi-curriculum activity, created to engage your child’s Critical Thinking skills while reading, writing & learning beginning & ending consonant blends.


  • Contents List
  • Construction Instructions
  •  14-Page Consonant Blends Riddle Book
  • Blank Riddle Book Cover & Page Insert Templates
  • 6 Consonant Blends Word Lists Mat Templates


  • Brain ~ Teaser Riddles Book Cover
  • Title Page & Table of Contents
  • 14-Page Book Insert
  • Blank Book Template
  • 5 Beginning Consonant Blends Word List Mats
  • 1 Ending Consonant Blends Word List Mat

Supply Needs

    • colored ink printer
    • card-stock; printer paper
    • laminate
    • strong wide tape, stapler or binder coil
    • pencil
    • notebook binder with divider tabs 
    • plastic storage sleeve

Tips & Ideas

Using a 3-ring binder will help you keep all the materials together and organized into specific skills. It will, also, allow you to add other  activities and ideas you & your child find useful during the learning process.

The divider tabs can identify the skills for easier access. ·

Use the plastic sleeve (s) to hold books and/or other materials needed.

After you & your child bind the book (s) together, read the bubble words on any random page. The Blend Words are mixed.

However, you can, also, just concentrate on one Blend at a time if your child needs to learn them homogeneously.

The Word List Mats can be used as a Mastery Tracker/Inventory. You can make one copy as your Manual insert & one copy for your child’s binder.

Have your child look for Consonant Blends everywhere & record them in a little notepad. Then, s/he can add them to the Word List Charts in the correct column. As the List grows, s/he may, then, be ready to create More Consonant Blend Riddles to include in the Brain~Teaser Book.

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I would love to hear how  effective this Literacy Tool helps your child learn Beginning & Ending Consonant Blends.

Please share with us !

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