When 1 Word + 1 Word = 1 Word

How much sense does that concept make !?!?!

Your child will enjoy the exception to that math rule while engaging in the multiple new vocabulary words s/he will learn playing these File Folder Literacy Games. 

Let your imagination be the ruler of these games !


Two Words Make One Word

One of the most enjoyable Language skills to teach (and learn) is the study of Compound Words.

The only challenge seems to be reminding students to recognize and write these 2-worded words as ONE word…without a space between the words.

You and yours will spend some quality, “connection”  time together constructing these Compound Words File Folder Games.

 COMPOUND WORDS CONNECTIONS: 10 File Folder Games for Grade Levels 1~3 First 100 Words & A Book List includes  everything you need to create these games (except the file folders) while giving your child the opportunity to learn Symmetry.

This 43 ~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download,  copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF is an interactive, hands-on way for your child to  read & write new “long, but not complicated” vocabulary words.


  • Trade Book List
  • 10 File Folder Games with Word Pieces & Label Kits
  • Compound Words Lists Book Template


  • Construction Instructions
  • Sample File Folder Game  elements Placement Diagram
  • Tips & Suggestions
  • Compound Words Trade Books List
  • 3 Level One File Folder Games with Word Pieces & Label Kits
  • 3 Level Two File Folder Games with Word Pieces & Label Kits
  • 4 Level Three File Folder Games with Word Pieces & Label Kits
  • Compound Words Lists Book
  • Cover, Title Page & Blank Pages Template

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
    • card-stock; printer paper
    • laminate
    • strong wide tape, stapler or binder coil
    • scissors, glue, pencil, colors
    • 10 file folders
    • notebook binder with divider tabs
    • plastic storage sleeve

Tips & Ideas

Choose one of the Compound Words trade books to introduce and/or reinforce the concept.

You may want to start with putting together just the 3 Level One File Folder Games.

When your child is ready to include some (or all) of the words in the List book, make sure s/he does not leave a space between the words. S/he can, then, draw a picture or cut/glue one beside the written word.

You can 3-hole punch the folders & include them in a Word Study binder behind the Compound Words tab  to be removed during play. Keep the book and/or book pages in the plastic sleeve behind the tab.

Create a Compound Word Book together using invented Compound Words, like “mudpie”, “rockpile”, ” moonface”.


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 I would love to hear how  effective these Literacy Games  help your child learn the Vocabulary skill of Compound Words.

Please share with us !

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