Baby’s First Year of Firsts: A Keepsake of 20 Treasured Moments



Record & save your baby’s firsts during that incredible first 12 months of growth & development in Baby’s First Year of Firsts. You’ll read & share these milestone memories again & again!



Your baby’s first year is jam-packed with incredible Firsts! It seem like every day s/he shows you something new & wonderful.

Feel like a paparazzi? My camera got such a workout that first year! And, of course, never a bad shot of my little darling!

Maybe you already have a “Baby Book” you are filling with home notes. Baby’s First Year of Firsts is a little different. It’s about the Milestones happening during this unbelievable 12 months.

Every page in this downloadable, keepsake book is about a “first” in your cherub’s life: first smile, first tooth, first giggle, first wave, first kiss.


  • Each 11″x8″ landscape page is a template for you to record a First.
  • There are 20 of them listed within each heart;
  • a sunburst for a picture;
  • who, where & when text boxes;
  • and a larger text box for more event details.

Here’s the list of Firsts:

  • smile, giggle, babble
  • roll-over, toy grasp, belly laugh
  • tooth, sits solo, toy reach
  • crawl, pull-up, jump
  • word, wave, book-read
  • patty-cake, steps with help
  • kiss, book page turn
  • all night sleep

Please note: in the image descriptor the “who, where & when” words are horizontal, but in the actual book, the words are vertical.

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock & printer paper
  • laminate
  • photos
  • binding for book

Some Different Ways to Use This Keepsake

Here are a few suggestions on how to use this memory book:

  • Download & save it to your desktop for ready-to-use access. Attach your photos, too. When completed, print & bind.
  • Print pages as wanted, hole punch & add them to a notebook.
  • Print the front & back covers on card stock. Laminate. Print the template pages.  Have it spiral-bound or hole punch & weave a ribbon through to bind it together.

 Hope you enjoy recording your baby’s firsts as much as I enjoyed creating this little book while smiling down my memory lane.  Let me hear from you! You will NOT be subscribed to BizzyLizzyBiz.  However, adding your comments as a Testimonial would be great-with your permission, of course.

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