Animal Talk : Exploring 20 Common Animal Sounds


Are You A Bear, A Duck or

A Monkey?

Children are great imitators. Animal sounds are some of their favorite  noises to make.

Join in the fun and let your Animal Talk become a different way to express yourself. Learn a new language!

Giggling is universal & very contagious!


It’s the Call of the Wild !

Children are fascinated with nature, especially animals. Bugs, birds, bunnies & bears (to name a few) inspire curiosity, holding many a child’s attention for years.

Imitating creature behaviors is one of children’s favorite expressions during play. It doesn’t have to be Halloween for your child to transform into howling monkey!

Whether your child is playing with sounds or already speaking in sentences, s/he will enjoy sounding like a “wild thang”.

Animal Talk : Exploring 20 Common Animal Sounds  is a photo & text collection of real-life animals  living in 4 different habitats:

  • backyard: dog, cat, dove & bee
  • farm: cow, chick, duck, horse, sheep, goat, donkey & pig
  • forest: owl, wolf, bear & snake
  • jungle: bird, lion, frog & monkey

 Some of the photos are of baby animals and some are of adult animals. I’ve included a list of all baby names for the animals and given credit to the photographers.


  • downloadable PDF
  • twelve 11×8″ landscape pages with 2 animal/talk pages
  • print & create into a variety of formats

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock and/or printer paper
  • laminate
  • scissors or cutter
  • binding. duct tape and/or carpet glue

More Than A Book

Here are a few ideas on how to use Animal Talk :

  • print all pages on cardstock & laminate
  • cut in half (two 11×4″ pieces), fold & glue pages into 1 accordion book or several mini books: habitats, colors, baby vs adult animals*
  • cut, fold, glue & hang as a mobile
  • cut, fold, glue & hole punch to thread on a ring
  • cut text separate from photo to play as a match game
  • cut, fold, glue to play as one of these  guessing games: grouping (color, skin/covering, habitat), alike/different, pets/non-pets

* To make laminated, card-stock pages into one book (as shown), you need to purchase double-sided, no-heat carpet tape. It’s the only adhesive that will hold laminated pages together. If you decide to follow this process, send me an email for special instructions because it’s a little tedious & time-consuming, but worth the sturdy, baby-use construction.

I hope you & yours enjoy Animal Talk as much as I enjoyed putting this little animal “book” together. 

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