15 USA MULTICULTURAL CELEBRATIONS : Books, Activities & Recipes


Party~Time in the U.S. of A!

Celebrate your family, friends & community’s cultural roots with some activities & recipes from USA MULTICULTURAL CELEBRATIONS : Book Lists, Activities & Recipes for 15 Festivals mini e-book packed with lots of engaging &  fun ideas for everyone!

You & yours will enjoy trying, and, maybe, even adding, some new traditions to your holiday customs.

Invite your neighbors, too!


We Are A Nation of Many Cultures

Did you know  ~ according to cartomission.com’s numbers~ over 40 million of the 327 million people living in the USA were born in one of the 100 countries represented here ?!?

So ~ think of all the many different cultures, customs & traditions celebrated at any given time in this great, diverse country of ours ! My research was a tad OVERWHELMING!!!!

USA MULTICULTURAL CELEBRATIONS : Book Lists, Activities & Recipes for 15 Festivals is a large (though incomplete) collection packed with information & hands-on activities for you & your family to enjoy while learning about all the wonderful festivities happening all the time in the USA.

This 77 ~ page (includes front & back manual covers) download,  copy & printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF will  not only enlarge your child’s global scope, but, also, engage your family in crafting, cooking & reading activities throughout the year.


  • Contents List
  • Construction Directions
  • Suggestions & Ideas
  • 15 USA Multicultural Celebrations Info Table
  • Cultural Celebration Background
  • Cultural Book List
  • Activity Directions Card
  •  Activity Templates
  • Celebration Foods List
  • Celebration Recipes Cards


  • Contents  List
  • 15 Celebrations w/ Info & Book Lists
  • Over 15 Literacy & Craft Activity  Ideas
  • Over 36 Activity Ready-to-Use Templates
  • Over 15 Family-Friendly Recipes with Directions
  • Blank Templates for additional Celebrations

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
    • cardstock; printer paper
    • laminate
    • construction paper
    • poster board
    • scissors; glue; pencils; colors; glitz
    • strong wide tape, stapler or binder coil
    • a variety of special materials & a variety of food ingredients with cooking utensils 
    • binder with 15+ tabs & hole-punched
    • large ziplock bags or 15 file folders, labeled for each celebration content & ideas


Tips & Ideas

Look through the Celebrations. Mark on the calendar the ones you want to include in your family’s festivities. 

Ask for a vote on certain holidays that may be unfamiliar to your family. You can at least read a book or two about it.

Organize the Celebrations into folders or a notebook, adding  ideas, activities & recipes already in place during the holiday(s).

Make a Holiday Activities bin & collect materials throughout the year as prep for the main event(s).

Ask your child(ren)’s teachers for more info, activities, books & recipe ideas. The school’s media center and/or your local library can help, too.

Music, maps & kid-level geography explorations are a great way to encourage interest in unknown cultures.

I would love to hear how many of the Activities & Recipes you & yours tried out together. Please share your thoughts & experiences with us!

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