I Can Sort & Match ! : 15 Shape & Color Games for Ages 3 & Up


I See A Red Circle !

Imagine how excited your “pre-Reader” will be as s/he enters the word-world with colors & shapes added to his/her vocabulary!

I can tell you (and so will your child), it’s really exciting!

Being able to describe is an empowering skill for any young speaker. It opens a whole new “conversation”!

You & yours will enjoy, for years to come, all the possibilities in I Can Sort & Match! interactive shape & color games.




Look, Play & Learn !

When playing with a variety of color, shape, picture & photo cards from I Can Sort & Match !: 15 Shape & Color Games for Ages 3 & Up, your child will be learning to recognize how the shapes & colors of his/her world are alike & different. These Literacy skills will prepare her/him for letter/number formation & recognition.


· Using color words increases your child’s communication skills with vocabulary/language and promotes creative thinking.

· Using shapes increases your child’s logic skills with identifying and organizing visual information.

Interactive games are always a wonderful way to ensure successful learning will be taking hold. These building blocks synchronize work with play !


  • 24 Color & Shape cards ~ 8 colors & 3 primary shapes
  • 24 Everyday picture cards
  • 36 real-life, photo  Nature cards
  • 12 Beginning word cards for picture match
  • 1 blank word card template sheet
  • 4 additional word lists
  • 4 Title covers for card pockets w/ game suggestions

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock 
  • laminate
  • scissors or cutter
  • strong wide tape or stapler
  • rubber bands or clips

Game Tips

The Title Game Pockets have suggestions on the back. The main objective, besides preparing your child for letter/number formation, recognition & reading, is to teach visual discrimination, or same & different.

  • Double the sheets for match games and/or turn the cards over to play memory games. 
  • Mix the cards up for a sort game: colors, shapes, nature, etc
  • Start simple & for a few minutes. Let your child guide the pace.
  • Include others (including stuffed animals & dolls) in the games.
  • Older children will enjoy matching words to the pictures.
  • Use multiple copies of the blank template for adding more shapes & pictures to the games.
  • Grab some finger snacks & settle in for some fun!

I would love to hear how your child responds to the games of I Can Sort & Match. Did you see a learning progression? Is s/he bringing the games to you for a repeat play? Let me know by filling in the form below. You will NOT be subscribed. However, adding your comments as a Testimonial would be great-with your permission, of course.

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