1000 Strawberries: A No-Heat Family Activity Cookbook



1000 STRAWBERRIES is a charming and entertaining collection of recipes, activities and ideas celebrating the gift of Nature’s harvest. Old and young alike will enjoy its “no-heat” cooking approach, upright flip-book design, and simple-to-read instructions with helpful illustrations.

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Greetings from the Berry Patch!

I was inspired to write this little book by my love of strawberries -my favorite fruit, the many strawberry you-pick-em fields I’ve visited during late spring, as well as the joy of sharing a kitchen and its bounty with others. It is truly one of Nature’s sweetest gifts!

Several demos and book-signings have encouraged me to continue offering this fun-filled publication to further engage your friends and family in some year-round warm weather amusement.

Whether sharing a strawberry rhyme with a toddler, guiding / teaching youngsters in the kitchen or preparing fruit-trays for your next gathering, 1000 STRAWBERRIES is a wonderful addition to any home and hearth.


  •  upright flip-book design
  • each 103-page book measures 8″x6″, 
  • is individually wrapped 
  • includes a strawberry huller.

Please let me know if you would like a personalized, autographed copy when purchased.

A Strawberry or 2 a Day !

Old and young alike will enjoy its “no-heat” cooking approach. Simple-to-read instructions with helpful, hand-drawn illustrations are part of this book’s 100+ recipes. From eating them right off the bush to making them part of a gift, summer party and/or special celebration, you will use this little charmer again & again!


June2020: I have made 3 recipes from this cookbook: smoothies, a fruit salad & the strawberries with cream pound cake. They were delicious and SO EASY to make! ~ Denise S. in Norman, Oklahoma

August 2017: Great little book with lots of wonderful ideas for strawberries. I loved the hand drawings, works of art.
The huller was a surprise and it really works! I think that I may need to order more to give as gifts. Thanks. ~ Cathy

August 2004: If you love strawberries you’ll love this book! Honestly, who knew you could do more with strawberries than make strawberry shortcake, pie, or Slushies?! Ms. Berry’s collection of things to do with strawberries is outstanding! She shares wonderful recipes like Zesty Berry Spread while entertaining children with fun kitchen projects like building strawberry castles! ~ Alyice Edrich  for The Midwest Book Review

July 2004:I had the utmost pleasure of selling a book called 1,000 Stawberries :))) I was a Manager at Dean and DeLuca restaurant in Charlotte,N.C.:))) We sold the fabulous book by the dozens:))) I received positive feedback on her book:))) Everyone needs to own one-you won’t be disappointed:))) Thank you Ms. Liza Berry for sharing your many talents:))) In the book,there are yummy recipes with fun pictures:))) ~ Barbara


Merry Making!!
Ms. Liza Berry
(aka BizzyLizzy)

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