My “I Am Ready for Kindergarten” Workbook: A Pre~School Checklist


Here I Come, Kindergarten !

Help your Pre~Schooler prepare for his/her GIANT leap into the BIG, new world of Kindergarten filled with discoveries not found in books.

S/he will be meeting new & interesting people ~young & “old”, learning a TON of new & fascinating things ~ games, songs, & activities, sharing SO MANY stories about other school~stuff,  PLUS growing up….A LOT!

Being ready to understand new things in a fast-paced, stimulating environment can help your child confidently learn as much as possible with a good foundation of skills.


Pre~School Literacy Prep

As a parent & elementary educator, I have learned one of the most important things you can give your child is confidence. With confidence s/he will take risks, learn from failures, and share successes.

Entering a new, different & complex learning environment AWAY from home can be a scary event for you & your child, especially if there aren’t older siblings and/or friends. While I choked back tears, my brave & excited Kindergartner giggled & skipped.

Being prepared and familiar with the academic content presented in his/her “new” classroom will give your child the ability to successfully concentrate and follow all the other twists & turns in this environment.

Using the Kindergarten skills inventory guide,  My “I Am Ready for Kindergarten” Workbook: A Pre~School Checklist can help you know what your PreSchooler has learned and what s/he needs to learn.

This 20-page download/copy/printable resource in an 8″x11″ PDF   will assist you & your child in meeting Kindergarten’s  expectations with confidence.


  • colorful front & back covers
  • contents page
  • an “All About My Favorites ” page
  • 11 beginning skills pages
  • several blank pages for working on other skills
  • a list of more advanced skills to come, such as Letters & Sounds, Word Families, Writings, etc.

Supply Needs

  • colored ink printer
  • card-stock & printer paper
  • laminate
  • binding for workbook

A Few Tips on How-To Use This Workbook

I have a few suggestions for making this workbook/checklist become a valued assistant to you and your Pre-Kindergartner:

  • Copy front & back covers on card-stock. Laminate. Print  pages 2, 4-15 & copy extra skill sheets to insert after the last skill page. Bind together.
  • Make extra copies of blank sheets to make a “new” workbook for upcoming goals, such as “I Can Read” with consonant & vowel sounds, sight word lists, vocabulary words, spelling words, etc.
  • Copy all skill pages on card-stock. Laminate to re-use with erasable markers. Use as center cards with different activities to learn the objective. Keep a log /notebook of progress.
  •  Copy all skill pages on card-stock. Laminate to re-use with erasable markers. Hole-punch & keep on a ring for”learning-now” easy access.
  • Make a master copy of the workbook. Copy skill sheets as daily progress documentation. Put in a notebook.

I would love to hear how this Pre-School Prep Tool works for you & your Pre-Kindergartner. Have any questions, comments and/or suggestions?

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