FEETSPEAK’S Book Study: Comprehension Activity Units

FEETSPEAK’S Book Study: Comprehension Activity Units


Here’s an Overview of FEETSPEAK’S Book Study: Comprehension Activity Units I have created and posted on my  http://eashields.com/ website. In addition to several informational posts: “Childhood Mutism” and “Helping Your Grieving Child”, there are TWELVE so far with more to be added….

I’m listing these Activity Units in the order they were published with sequential considerations in place ~ not unlike how I would present them in the classroom. You can, of course select, download, and complete them in any order.

Number One:  Story Sequence 

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 9-page Unit include:

  • a Storage Pocket
  • 32 Sequence Sentence Cards
  • 5 Answer Cards
  • 12 Blank Sequence Cards
  •  Blank Other Important Events Cards

Here’s the link: http://eashields.com/feetspeaks-story-sequence/

Number Two: Vocabulary Study

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 30-page Unit include:

  • Parts of Speech Label Cards
  • Vocabulary Storage Pocket
  • Words To Know List Template & Cards Fill~In Diagram
  • Vocabulary Word Graphic Organizer Diagram & Blank Template
  • Blank Vocabulary Word & Definition Cards
  • Vocabulary Word Lists by Chapter & Page Numbers
  • Vocabulary Word Sentences Blank Template
  • Vocabulary Words Alphabetical Order Blank Template
  • Parts of Speech 
  • Sorting Rules
  • Answer Cards
  • Noun or Verb ? Vocabulary Word Page Locations & Answer Sheets

Here’s the link:  http://eashields.com/feetspeaks-vocabulary-study/

Number Three: Pictures of Words

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 14-page Unit include:

  •   Front & Back Covers
  • An Activity Plan
  • Image Options from each Chapter
  • Other Image Option Ideas
  • Image Frame Diagram
  •  Book Page Inserts   
  • Image Frames to Use Choices

Here’s the link:   http://eashields.com/feetspeaks-pictures-of-words/

Number Four: Comprehension Organizers

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 18-page Unit include:

  • Predictions
  • Story Map
  • Story Sequence
  • Main Idea
  • Problem/Solution
  • Character Traits
  • Summary
  • Cause & Effect
  • Facts & Opinions
  • Compare & Contrast Venn Diagram

Here’s the link: http://eashields.com/feetspeaks-comprehension-organizers/

Number Five: Writing About Reading

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 20-page Unit include:

  • Activity  Plan
  • Writing Ideas
  • My Edit Checklist
  • Vocabulary List
  • Graphic Organizers  & Writing Sheets
  • Paragraph Sentences
  • Informational Text
  • Narrative Text
  • Single Opinion
  • Compare & Contrast

Here’s the link:  http://eashields.com/writing-about-reading-feetspeak/

Number Six: Character Profiles

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 20-page Unit include:

  • Character Traits Organizer
  • Character Traits List
  • Character Traits’ Map Diagram & Blank Template
  • Character Traits Table
  • A Character Development Diagram & Blank Template
  • Character Chronicles
  • Front/Back Covers/ Think Sheet / SPOTLIGHT Blank Template

Here’s the link:   http://eashields.com/feetspeaks-character-profiles/

Number Seven: I Speak A Little French

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 21-page Unit include:

  • Map of France with Short Overview
  • Bordering Countries & Bodies of Water Activity List
  • French Culture Pages
  • Alsace Overview
  • Alsace Activity Images
  • French & English Word Sort Mat
  • French Words/Phrases Cards with a Storage Pocket
  • English Words/Phrases Cards with Answer Card
  • French Pronunciation Guide
  • Blank Words & Phrases Cards
  • Words & Phrases Book Cover with Page Inserts

Here’s the link:   http://eashields.com/i-speak-a-little-french/

Number Eight: Cinnamon Speaks

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 20-page Unit include:

  • BODY LANGUAGE  : Facial Expressions List & Labels
  • BODY LANGUAGE : Hand Gestures List &  Labels
  • SHOE  TALK : Info Sheet / Shelves & Shoes & Labels
  • CINNAMON  SPEAKS :  Short Story Fill-In Template

Here’s the link:    http://eashields.com/cinnamon-speaks/

Number Nine: Animal Antics

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 15-page Unit include:

  • Activity Plan
  • Storage Pocket
  • Animal Images
  • Animal Names & Page Number Clues
  • Animal Talk
  • Page Clue Answers
  • Sample Animal Antics Page

Here’s the link: http://eashields.com/feetspeaks-animal-antics/

Number Ten: Nature Views

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 26-page Unit include:

  • Activity Plan
  • Nature Views Storage Pocket
  • Category Labels
  • Settings by Chapters
  • Nature Views Photos
  • NATURE  VIEWS’ Sample Chapter 7 Page Insert
  • Category Answer Sheets
  • Photos by Chapters Answer Sheets

Here’s the link:  http://eashields.com/feetspeaks-nature-views/

Number Eleven: A Rainbow of Colors

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 42-page Unit include:

  • Activities Sequence
  • Color Palettes
  • Coloring Words
  • Chapters 1 ~ 11 Lists
  • Chapters 1 ~ 11  List Answers
  • Blank Color Page Template

Here’s the link:   http://eashields.com/a-rainbow-of-colors/

Number Twelve: A Story Quilt of Themes & Threads

The ACTIVITY CONTENTS of this 40-page Unit include:

  • Activity  Plan
  • Story Quilt Storage Pocket
  • 24 Theme/Thread Vocabulary Words & Synonyms Cards
  • Theme/Thread Vocabulary Words & Synonyms Answer Sheet
  • Story Quilt Square Templates
  • Story Quilt Square Diagram
  • 22 Story Quilt Square Samples

Here’s the link:    http://eashields.com/feetspeaks-story-quilt-themes-threads/

A Few More Notes…

Most of the Activities’ Material Needs are: card-stock, printing paper, scissors, glue, pencil, and colors. Additional Idea & Suggestions are included for completing each Activity.

Several more Book Study Activity Units for FEETSPEAK are in developmental stages…

You can access an Overview Post of FEETSPEAK by clicking on this link: HOT OFF THE PRESS: FEETSPEAK!

Again, please visit my author’s website for Book One of my I AM A CHILD Trilogy: FEETSPEAK.

Here’s the link: http://eashields.com/

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