CLAMDIGGERS’ SUMMER GAMES: Vocabulary Study for Grade Levels 3 ~ 6

How about learning a new vocabulary word or two every day this Summer?!?

CLAMDiggers'Summer Vocabulary Games

CLAMDIGGER’S Summer Games: Vocabulary Study for Grade Levels 3-6 is here to help you do just that…

AND have fun while doing it!!!


A Word can be named as a Part of Speech and/or several Parts of Speech:

  • nouns & pronouns
  • verbs
  • adverbs & adjectives
  • articles
  • prepositions & conjunctions
  • and, Oh ! ~interjections

It can, also, be:

  • a Synonym and/or an Antonym
  • a Contraction or a Compound Word
  • a Homophone
  • a Homonym
  • a Heteronym

You can, also, add letters to the beginning and/or ending of a Word to change its meaning. These are known as Prefixes and Suffixes.

Need  a fun way to introduce some of these Vocabulary Elements? An engaging, colorful book sprinkled with humor is perfect.

BLB’s Library has a Resource for you:

Vocabulary Study Book Lists for Engaging Grade Levels 3 ~ 6

If you are willing to increase your Vocabulary ~ as you should ~ you are going to enjoy quite a few benefits.

New Vocabulary Is Brain Food

Adding new words to your Vocabulary has quite a few perks.

It improves your  communication skills:

  • LISTENING ~ Language Acquisition
  • SPEAKING ~ Idea Development
  • READING ~ Comprehension & Word Recognition
  • WRITING ~ Expression & Grammatical Accuracy

It helps you to think and learn about the world.

It allows you greater access to new information.

AND ~~~~ it increases your intelligence!


Here’s more information on that mind-bending subject:

The wonderful website Reading Rockets has a LOT of information and resources regarding the Value and Teaching of Vocabulary. Click to read:

You Can Help Your Child Increase Their Vocabulary

There are quite a few websites LOADED with fun & easy ideas for helping your child learn New Vocabulary.

And I have created several interactive, hands-on Games and Activities for learning the Vocabulary Words your child will be seeing, hearing, reading, and writing according to his/her current Grade Level.

CLAMDIGGER’S Summer Games for Boosting Vocabulary

Each of these Summer-themed Games contains Grade-Level Specific Vocabulary Word Lists collected from frequently cited reading texts ~ fictional and informational as well as academic terms used in the classroom on a daily basis.

The 7 games included follow Bloom’s Taxonomy sequence for increasing Critical Thinking Skills: 

  • The Vocabulary Guide presents a review of grammatical terms used to identify the components of Words ~ KNOWLEDGE.
  • Specific Game Sorts allows the learner to understand how each word follows certain rules  ~ COMPREHENSION by organizing, summarizing, translating & describing the wide range of categories Vocabulary Words can share.
  • Specific Word Activities provides opportunities for the learner to take what s/he knows & use it ~ APPLICATION of learned content to produce solutions  in a variety of problems.
  • Word Part Specific Charts, Lists & Tables enables the learner to use Critical Thinking  Skills for ~ ANALYSIS of learned Vocabulary Words into components by recognizing  the relationships of their different and/or similar elements.
  • Additional Vocabulary List gives the learner connections for making unknown words known ~SYNTHESIS of these diverse elements for building and strengthening Vocabulary acquisition.
  • And prepares the learner for ~ EVALUATION, then, provides opportunities for making judgements on newer, unknown Words by using the Skills attained from following the above sequence.

A Grade-Level Specific Literature List ~ see above BLB Resource Library link~ along with a general Lesson Plan are included.

A variety of Word categories are explored with each Vocabulary Word groups.

Vocabulary Word Groupings

These Summer-themed Vocabulary-Boosting Games cover the following Word Elements: 

  • Summer Blooms: Nouns & Verbs
  • Pool Party: Adjectives & Adverbs
  • Summer Fruit Basket: Prefixes, Suffixes & Root Words
  • Under The Sea: Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Sandcastles: Summer Compound Words
  • Summer Vocabulary Words Study: Third-30 words/Fourth-40 words/Fifth-50 words
  • Third-Contractions/Fourth-Homophones/Fifth-Heteronyms

And each of these Categories includes several components.

Vocabulary Word List Game Components

Each Game Unit includes these components:

  • Colorful Sort Mat Image
  • Matching Game Pieces
  • Storage Pocket with How-To-Play Directions
  • Fill-In Lists & Answer Sheets
  • A different Extension Activity per Game Unit with its Answer Sheet

Now, onto the Grade-Level Specific Summer Games with their TeachersPayTeachers Product links….

SUMMER GAMES: Boosting Third Grade~Level Vocabulary

SUMMER GAMES: Boosting Fourth Grade~Level Vocabulary

SUMMER GAMES: Boosting Fourth Grade~Level Vocabulary

SUMMER GAMES: Boosting Sixth Grade~Level Vocabulary

This one is a Freebie!

Oh ~ and remember I compiled CLAMDIGGERS’ Summer Literacy Enrichment Collection for you and yours.

Here’s the Overview link:

CLAMDIGGERS’ Summer Literacy Enrichment Collection

AAAAAAND~ I created a TpT Summer Activities Calendar entitled CLAMDIGGERS Summer Celebration Calendars to keep you and your BIZZY all Summer long!

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Make this a Summer of Literacy Learning FUN!!!

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