CLAMDIGGERS: June’s Literacy Enrichment Collection




CLAMDIGGERS:  June’s Literacy Enrichment Collection

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ~R.W.Emerson

How very lovely is the month of June !

There’s still enough Spring in the air with its gentle breezes to cool off Summer’s warming sun! Long vacations are on the horizon with camp outs, street fairs, amusement parks , and farmers’ markets gaining more attention.

It’s the perfect time to celebrate Fathers’ Day; organize some Summer Solstice Backyard Fun with friends, family & neighbors; go on the long-awaited vacation to a favorite haunt and/or a new, exciting place; and, of course, before the warm weather becomes HOT, enjoy The Sun with all its sparkle.

Opportunities for creative expressions in art, science, math, social studies, and writing are included in the four units of June’s activities.

Each and Every Unit of the Literacy Enrichment Collection

The Components of each Unit include:

  • colorful Front & Back covers
  • a Contents list
  • an Introduction Sequence
  • a Master Materials List
  • a Thematic Literature List of fiction& nonfiction trade books
  • an overall Lesson Plan
  • Projects/Activities with Construction Instructions written on an Independent Reading Level for Grades 3 ~ 6

Ready, Set and Go!

Preparation for each of these units can be done  by following this sequence:

  • Read over the Materials & Tools needed for each project in the Master Materials List ~ a component included with each Unit.
  • Gather the Materials & Tools together specific for each Activity ~ card-stock, printing paper, scissors, glue, pencil, colors, etc.
  • Protect your work space with a plastic, washable tablecloth, newspaper, or butcher paper ~ the latter invites doodling & checklists.
  • Read all the steps included in the Sequence part of the Instructions provided for each Project/Activity BEFORE beginning.
  • Keep a copy of these Construction Instructions close by, so you can re-read as you create.
  • Clean up your work space when you have completed what you wanted to do.

What Is the CLAMDiggers’ Literacy Enrichment Program?

Click on this link for more information on CLAMDiggers’ Literacy Enrichment Program:

CLAMDiggers: An Enrichment Program for Upper Elementary Learners

Read on for more Details on each Unit, but, first, take a look at June’s Poetry Posters to provide each Unit with a little focus.

CLAMDiggers’ June Poetry for the Literacy Enrichment Collection

During my years in the classroom, I discovered the best way to focus my students’ attention for new content was a choral read of thematic poetry written with colorful images.

June’s five poems are printed onto five thematic 8 ½ x 11″ images you can enlarge if needed. The font sizes are large as well.

You can access this PDF freebie in Mz. Bizzy Lizzy Biz’s TPT Shop by clicking on this link:


The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but the wide world’s joy. ~Henry Ward Beecher

Week One of CLAMDiggers:  June’s Literacy Enrichment Collection is a 20-page unit entitled THE SUN .

It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • A Facts About Our Sun Sheet to include in an informative text  entitled Our Sun Book
  • A Sun Sparkle Catcher includes how-to make directions for   constructing a beaded singular sun-mobile to hang in a  sun-catching window.
  • The Sun Mosaic is a piece of art you will create to symbolize the colors of the bright, glowing sun.
  • Write a storybook about the sun’s HEAT after collecting some reactions from others: “The Sun Was SOOOOO HOT……”

General Supply List:  card-stock, printing paper,  black poster-board, colored paper scraps, scissors, glue, binding, wire, chenille stems, pony beads, monofilament, crimp, wire cutters

You can access  THE SUN unit by clicking on the link below:

Fathers’ Day

A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow. ~ Anonymous

Week Two of CLAMDiggers: June’s  Literacy Enrichment Collection is a 16-page unit entitled Fathers’ Day.

It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • A Race Car Magnet includes Construction Instructions, Tracer Templates, and other race car model ideas.
  • Wrap your gift inside a Gift Box you have folded with a gift tag you’ve chosen from several tags.

General Supply List:  card-stock, printing paper,  craft foam, magnet strip, tacky glue, scissors, colors, paper clips, pencil

You can access the Fathers’ Day unit by  clicking on the link below:

Backyard Summer Fun

Anyone can go on an adventure, even if it’s in your own backyard. ~ Carmela Dutra

Week Three of CLAMDiggers: June’s Literacy Enrichment Collection is a  56-page unit entitled Backyard Summer Fun.

It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • A Backyard Fun Eco ~ Fair includes the planning, organizing, activities/games ideas with how-to direction cards, supply lists, and the images you’ll need to post at each site.
  • The seasonal NatureWatchers’ Summer Journal comes with the journal covers, page inserts , and vocabulary list. 

General Supply List: cardstock, printing paper,  pencil, colors, scissors, binding, O-ring, hole punch, specific Fair supplies

You can access the Backyard Summer Fun unit by clicking on the link below:

Going On Vacation

A vacation is having nothing to do all day and all day to do it. ~Robert Orben

Week Four of CLAMDiggers: June’s Literacy Enrichment Collection is a 36-page unit entitled Going On Vacation.

  It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • Make & decorate a Brown Bag Backpack from a paper grocery bag to hold all your Travel Games.
  • The Travel Activities Overview lets you decide which projects you want to create & include in your Brown Bag Backpack.
  • There are over 6 different Travel Games you can make to take with you to play while you go on vacation.
  • Write about your vacation adventures in My Travel Journal you download, print & put together.
  • Don’t forget to correspond with family & friends while you’re on vacation on your “Wish You Were Here….”  Stationery.

General Supply List: large paper grocery bag, cloth strips, brad fasteners, string,, stapler, scissors, ruler, markers, glue, cardstock, game materials, printing paper, binding, pencil, stickers

You can access the Going On Vacation unit by clicking on the link below:

 How About a Bundle ?!?

You can  access CLAMDiggers:  June’s Literacy Enrichment Collection units individually or as a 4-Unit bundle for your convenience & savings.

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AND….as an added appreciation bonus…..

Here are two PDF freebies to thank you for reading!

A Home Reading and Writing Guide

Let Me Show You What I Learned-AltAssess


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