CLAMDIGGERS: April’s Literacy Enrichment Collection



CLAMDIGGERS: April’s Literacy Enrichment Collection

Winter’s done, and April’s in the skies; Earth, look up with laughter in your eyes! ~ Ch.G.D.Roberts

Rain, rain, rain is usually the song April sings as it welcomes Spring and its bright greenery, vibrant flowers, and new baby animals. It almost appears to be magical how the Earth transforms from gray and white to a rainbow of colors everywhere!

April’s Magic can encourage your flights of fantasy into the world of Fairy Tales, inspire your creative side during Cloudy & Rainy days, empower your Earth~Saver awareness, and strengthen your respect for the beauty, diversity and power of Trees.

Opportunities for creative expressions in art, science, math, social studies, and writing are included in April’s activities.

Each and Every Unit of the Literacy Enrichment Collection

The Components of each Unit include:

  • colorful Front & Back covers
  • a Contents list
  • an Introduction Sequence
  • a Master Materials List
  • a Thematic Literature List of fiction& nonfiction trade books
  • an overall Lesson Plan
  • Projects/Activities with Construction Instructions written on an Independent Reading Level for Grades 3 ~ 6

Ready, Set and Go!

Preparation for each of these units can be done  by following this sequence:

  • Read over the Materials & Tools needed for each project in the Master Materials List ~ a component included with each Unit.
  • Gather the Materials & Tools together specific for each Activity ~ card-stock, printing paper, scissors, glue, pencil, colors, etc.
  • Protect your work space with a plastic, washable tablecloth, newspaper, or butcher paper ~ the latter invites doodling & checklists.
  • Read all the steps included in the Sequence part of the Instructions provided for each Project/Activity BEFORE beginning.
  • Keep a copy of these Construction Instructions close by, so you can re-read as you create.
  • Clean up your work space when you have completed what you wanted to do.

What Is the CLAMDiggers’ Literacy Enrichment Program?

Click on this link for more information on CLAMDiggers’ Literacy Enrichment Program:

CLAMDiggers: An Enrichment Program for Upper Elementary Learners

Read on for more Details on each Unit, but, first, take a look at April’s Poetry Posters to provide each Unit with a little focus.

CLAMDiggers’ April Poetry for the Literacy Enrichment Collection

During my years in the classroom, I discovered the best way to focus my students’ attention for new content was a choral read of thematic poetry written with colorful images.

April’s five poems are printed onto five thematic 8 ½ x 11″ images you can enlarge if needed. The font sizes are large as well.

You can access this PDF freebie in Mz. Bizzy Lizzy Biz’s TPT Shop by clicking on this link:

Fairy Tales

Everything you look at can become a fairy tale and you get a story from everything you touch. ~Hans Christian Anderson

Week One of CLAMDiggers:  April’s Literacy Enrichment Collection is a 33-page unit entitled Fairy Tales. 

It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • Fairy Tale Kingdom Board Game includes how-to make directions & placement Diagrams using a File Folder with Images/Labels,  Game Cards, Treasure Coins & an Answer Scroll
  • Pixie Puffs & A Magic Potion are recipes to make & eat while playing the Fairy Tale Kingdom Board Game

General Supply List: file folder, card-stock, printing paper,  paint sample cards, small yellow sticker dots, small toy animals, feather, star cluster, large button, ribbon, rubber bands, scissors, ruler, glue stick, large paper clips, baggies, recipe ingredients, cooking & serving tools/ utensils

You can access the Fairy Tales unit by clicking on the link below:

Clouds & Rain

There is a way out of every dark mist, over the rainbow trail. ~ Navaho Song

Week Two of CLAMDiggers: April’s  Literacy Enrichment Collection is a 40-page unit entitled Clouds & Rain.

It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • Cloud Study Booklet includes informative text, images & an observation log with  Comprehension & Vocabulary Fill-In components
  • Rainy Day Activities Poster provides directions, images and multiple Rainy Day Activities

General Supply List:  card-stock, printing paper,  binding materials, pencil, colors, scissors, ruler, glue, poster board, removable tape

You can access the Clouds & Rain unit by  clicking on the link below:

Earth Day Every Day

Nature does nothing uselessly. ~ Aristotle

Week Three of CLAMDiggers: April’s Literacy Enrichment Collection is a  36-page unit entitled Earth Day Every Day.

It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • Eco ~ Desk Set: Upcycle Chipboard, Tin Cans & A CD includes a Recyclable Diagram with How-To make directions
  • 5 Upcycle ~ Action Lists calls all  upcyclers to create projects with Activity Cards for  reusing milk jugs, plastic bottles, tin cans, old socks and more
  • Earth Walk Journal: Track Your Carbon Footprint provides Earth-Savers  an opportunity to document  their progress with template inserts on tips for eco-friendly actions

General Supply List: chipboard boxes,  contact paper, metal cans, old CD, scissors, tacky glue, felt, printing paper, cardstock, hole punch, O-ring, laminate, pencil, binding materials

You can access the Earth Day Every Day unit by clicking on the link below:

Arbor Day: A Celebration of Trees

Shade outstretch, wide and free; Grow well, good tree! ~ N.B. Turner

Week Four of CLAMDiggers: April’s Literacy Enrichment Collection is a 31-page unit entitled Arbor Day: A Celebration of Trees.

  It contains the following Projects/Activities:

  • Hello, Trees !  includes a collection of information formatted in cards, a diagram, leaf identification, tree sort game with  comprehension & vocabulary components
  • Hug A Tree Book provides the reader with informative text for writing & illustrating a book
  • Make A Twig Frame comes with sequential directions and a visual How-To diagram
  • Tree of Life Wall Sculpture gives step-by-step instructions for constructing a 2 (or 3) dimensional tree sculpture

General Supply List: card-stock, printing paper, binding materials, pencil, colors, construction paper, paper scraps, glues, tape, stapler, scissors, twigs, cardboard, photo, heavy book, brown kraft/butcher paper, brown paper bags, decorative papers

You can access the Arbor Day: A Celebration of Trees unit by clicking on the link below:

 How About a Bundle ?!?

You can  access CLAMDiggers:  April’s Literacy Enrichment Collection units individually or as a 4-Unit bundle for your convenience & savings.

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