Your Educational Home Environment : Activities to Boost Your Child’s Literacy Growth

Your Educational Home Environment

You know what your child enjoys doing, what his/her interests are, what her/his needs are, and what his/her challenges are. 

Everyday, you can include ordinary activities into learning opportunities to help improve your child’s logical thinking as well as her/his communication & comprehension skills.

Continuing your role as your child’s First Teacher, s/he will always rely on the “academics”, informal and scholastic, you can share in the Family’s Literacy Circle.

Combining information from Dr. Tiffani Chin”s book, School Sense with my experiences as an educator & parent, here are some effective ways to encourage your child’s Literacy growth:

Encourage Expressive  & Receptive Language

  • Play games together
  • Talk about the similarities & differences between books, movies & TV shows
  • Ask comprehension questions about videos: who/did what/when/where/why
  • Bring new information & discoveries to mealtime
  • Discuss,  interactively, current events, new innovations, environmental issues, etc

Model the Value of Learning

  • Read for fun & while relaxing by the pool or on vacations
  • Have plenty of magazines & newspapers around
  • Bring things to read while waiting for appointments
  • Talk about new things you’ve learned from books you’ve read
  • Read the same books as your child is reading
  • Look up answers in a dictionary, reference book or internet
  • Seek information at the library
  • Show your child how to use maps, charts & diagrams
  • Share the step-by-step sequencing needed for repairs, creations, crafting, gardening, cooking

Practice Writing Opportunities Together

  • Make shopping lists
  • Create fill-in forms, signs, & lists for Pretend Play
  • Send Thank-You notes
  • Craft holiday & celebration cards
  • Fill-in & send invitations
  • Start an interactive journal
  • Draw/write family notes
  • Compose favorites lists: animals, toys, people, foods, places

Make Schoolwork A Priority

  • Allow homework to be done independently, then check it
  • Help with homework, if needed
  • Schedule a consistent routine for schoolwork completion
  • Visit the teacher’s website page for newsletter & future projects
  • Set up social & extracurricular activities around schoolwork
  • Continue to read together everyday

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You can, also, lick on the link below for a Home  Materials List with some  additional Activities:

A Materials & Activities List for the Home~Learning Experience

Hopefully, this Educational Home Environment resource will  give you some new  ideas for your Family Literacy Circle. Let me hear from you with questions, concerns, comments.

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