You Can Beat Those Boredom Blues By Daydreaming


Beat Those Boredom Blues By Daydreaming

You want to know what I worry about? I worry that kids today don’t have enough time to just sit and daydream. ~Judy Blume

Yes, You Can Beat Those Boredom Blues By Daydreaming

Encouraging your “I’M BORED!” child to “find something to do…” is a GOOD thing. My mother used to warn us she’d find something for us to do…

So, we’d usually”lead” ourselves into some type of Free Play and/or creative activity, like making mud pies…. watching TV was not an option for us. Here are a few Screen -Free Ideas for you and yours:

80 Screen-Free Activities

Beating the Boredom Blues prepares youngsters for dealing with “boring” future tasks as an adult, like ~ well, you know ~ the laundry, dishes, etc.

And you can do absolutely nothing and let yourself drift into daydreams and/or do so as you wash the dishes….

Drifting Into a Daydream

Pondering, musing, and, yes, thinking are all synonyms for daydreaming ~ I looked it up.

One study discovered 47% of the people participating spent their time daydreaming, or mind wandering.

I know I like to daydream ~ it’s relaxing and can be inspiring as well as an effective way to solve a problem or ten….

Jerome Singer, PhD, a clinical psychologist, is called the father of daydreaming. He and his colleagues spent 50 years studying the benefits of daydreaming. You can read his “Conversation on Daydreaming” for Scientific American by clicking on this link:

David Feldman, PhD wrote an article for Psychology Today entitled “Why Daydreaming Is Good for Us” which includes several    documented studies encouraging this mind wandering activity.

Here’s the link:

Studies show children and teens spend time daydreaming more than adults. I did a little web-search myself to find out what are the actual benefits of daydreams.

The Benefits of Daydreams

There are quite a few positive affects you give yourself when you allow and/or encourage yourself to daydream.

  • Provides relief from worries and/or anxieties occurring in every day situations
  • Engages the imagination and creativity for solving problems and/or sparking projects
  • Enriches others when we share those daydreams
  • Builds future inventors and entrepreneurs

Different types of daydreaming can be effective for:

  • Planning because removing yourself mentally from the environment can sharpen your focus
  • Giving thoughts to the future because imagining scenarios to come can predict some possibilities
  • Wandering in past events because they help influence what may come

In other words ~ yes, you don’t want your youngsters (or yourself) daydreaming when concentration on a specific task requiring focus and/or safety.

However, when boredom beckons when doing nothing, do something~ daydream !

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