More Wonderful Wordless Picture Books for Readers, Ages 5~8

Wordless picture books are not just for the very young non-reader.  Inspiring creativity & the imagination, they are valuable “reading” tools for all ages, even you & me. Think about wandering through those over-sized coffee table books celebrating natural wonders, photographers, painters, architecture, international travel, and historical artifacts.

Some of these award-winning artists have “written” several wordless picture books, which I have included in the list of 15+ finds with  short descriptions to, hopefully, entice your older child to continue experiencing the wonderful world of wordless picture books. They are presented alphabetically by artist.

Anno, Mitsumaso Anno’s Journey

This beautifully drawn book of fiction takes readers on a journey through the streets and countryside of Northern Europe. Views include children & adults at work & play, ancient buildings & natural landscapes.


Baker, Jeannie Mirror

This fold-out, non-fiction picture book details the lives of 2 boys, one from Australia & the other from Morocco, North Africa. At first glance their lives appear to be  very different. However, as the reader travels on, similarities begin to emerge.


The changes in an urban community that take place over the course of a year through renewal and neighborly care are seen through the window of one young child’s home.


A single house window observes the changes a country community experiences when expansive urban living takes over.


Becker, Aaron Journey

This 2014 Caldecott Honor Book is the first in Becker’s Trilogy about a young girl who travels through her magical, wall-drawn door into a wondrous world filled with fascinating adventures. The fantasy continues with Quest , and, then,  Return.


Lehman, Barbara Museum Trip

Was a young boy’s adventures during a field trip with his classmates to an art museum real or imagined?


Using his imagination on a dreary, rainy day, a young boy decides to visit some children on a warm, sunny beach.


Thomson, Bill Chalk

This fantasy book tells the story of children using their chalk to explore the magical power of their imaginations.


Prehistoric adventures await a young boy as he discovers the timeless scientific & ancient gifts of fossils.


Wiesner, David Flotsam

This 2007 Caldecott Medal winning book shares a tale of a young boy’s unusual finds during a beach combing walk.

Sector 7

This picture story tells the tale of a young boy’s adventure during a field trip to the Empire State Building in New York City.

David Wiesner, a graduate of RISD, has illustrated many other popular, wordless picture  books, including: Mr. WufflesArt & Max, Tuesday & Free Fall.

All About Learning Press has a great article about wordless picture books with a downloadable list for you to check out. Here’s the link:

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