School in Summer!?! What A Bummer!!!

School in Summer !?! What A Bummer !!


If your youngster(s) need a little boost in Reading & Writing this Summer, keep reading for LOTS of Resources, Product Units & Freebies.

Your Home-School efforts just got a little easier !

Some of these activities may appear to be too “primary” for your “older” child, but using them as a review can pave the way for the more difficult tasks ahead in the coming school year. Being successful during one learning session can be a stepping stone for taking a risk into the “unknown”. Building a strong “primary” foundation is an effective strategy for helping your child to meet the coming grade’s expectations.

I’ve divided the Resources, Units & Freebies into 3 categories:  

  •     tips & suggestions for an effective Home-School Environment;
  • strategies & activities to improve Reading comprehension, word recognition & vocabulary; 
  •   grammatical reminders & composition strategies to include during Written Expression.


Your Educational Home Environment : Activities to Boost Your Child’s Literacy Growth

A Materials & Activities List for the Home~Learning Experience

YOUR CHILD IS A BRAINIAC ! A Parent Guide for Building Thinking Skills

A Short List of CT Questions


 Guiding Your NonReader Into The Reader’s World

Encourage Reading for Pleasure

Primary Rdr’s Comp Q & A

Reading Success Sequence

I Understand Informational Text Features

I Am A Reader poster


Home Wtg Space Checklist

Asking & Exciting Beginnings

ABC Order

Spelling Activity Ideas

INTERACTIVE Journal Prompts

More Wonderful Wordless Picture Books for Readers, Ages 5~8–4711045

Make That Letter A Capital

Summer School Can Be FUN?!?!

Believe it or not ~ Summer School can be fun! You can make it happen that way by adding informal activities throughout the day:

  • making lists
  • telling/writing stories
  • drawing pictures from the written words and/or writing words to describe pictures
  • playing word games – orally & written
  • writing letters & notes to loved ones
  • creating cards
  • making helpful posters
  • taking turns reading favorite stories
  • writing plays, songs, poetry, jokes, etc.
  • retelling favorite events & writing them down
  • using interactive journals

You can do many of these activities while:

  • taking a walk
  • running errands
  • sitting & waiting for an appointment
  • eating meals
  • playing at the park
  • going on a picnic
  • doing chores together
  • resting & reading/writing

How Will I Know If My Child Is Learning?

One more suggestion~ it’s a BIG one and VERY effective~

You be the student while your child is the TEACHER.

This situation will let you know what your child really knows and what still needs to be taught. Ask questions you know (hope) your youngster can answer accurately BEFORE asking questions you think are still unanswerable.. .so far.

Then, ask “How can I find the answer? What do I need to do?” You might be surprised to hear an accurate answer to those questions.


Hopefully, this Educational Home Environment resource will  give you some effective & engaging  ideas for your Home-School Summer School.

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