Family Literacy Circle Series’ Research Books Bibliography

FLC Bibliography


When I decided to create a blog series about Family Literacy, I knew I needed more than my  passion and experience to share with my readers. Including contemporary research written by many early childhood growth and development  specialists would give the Family Literacy Circle a stronger foundation. So, I visited bookstores, scanning book indexes for keywords/subjects and writing down titles/authors. My local library ordered the ones not in the stacks through InterLibraryLoan and I was in business!

Here are several resource books I used to help with my research when developing the Family Literacy Circle series. These child growth, development and education specialists vary in their styles of reasoning, approaches and implementation; but they all have one important thing in common- they love children and families. Their goals are to assist families with choices based on a collection of academic and practical information gained through real life experiences with their families and professional careers.

Each book, jam-packed with tips and resources is written for parents who want to make informed and compassionate choices for their children’s physical, mental & emotional health. I have included the authors’ websites and a brief summary for each book.


  • Chin PhD, Tiffani  School Sense: How To Help Your Child Succeed in Elementary School, California: Santa Monica Press 2004  Dr. Chin, who founded EdBoost- a non-profit corporation providing educational services to families- has written a parent-assist resource for how to effectively combine your child’s elementary school experience with your home life.


  • Curtis MD, Glade & Judith Schuler MS Your Child’s First Year : Week By Week, Massachusetts: DeCapo Press 2010 website:  Curtis & Schuler, members of the American Academy of Pediatrics, have written an extensive parent-guide filled with A-Z information on prenatal care, infant growth & development benchmarks as well as newborn injuries and illnesses with home safety checks.


Dancy, Rahima Baldwin You Are Your Child’s First Teacher: Encouraging Your Child’s Natural Development From Birth to Age Six, USA: Ten Speed Press 20 website:  Ms. Dancy, an internationally known Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf School early childhood educator, shares her advice-filled, Steiner-approach book on how to raise healthy, confident children through predictable routines, familial support systems and understanding.


  • Gurian PhD, Michael Nurture the Nature : Understanding & Supporting Your Child’s Unique Core Personality, California: Jossey-Bass 2007  website: www.michael Dr. Gurian, a family therapist & brain scientist, offers a guide, encouraging parents how to recognize each of their children as unique individuals and adapt their parenting skills to connect with each child’s own personality.


  • Haelle, Taelle & Emily Willingham PhD The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource for Your Child’s First Four Years,  N.Y. : Tarcher Perigee/Penguin Random House 2016                            website:  Ms. Haelle & Dr. Willingham  have co-authored a “fabulous resource for science-minded parents.” Topics begin with pre-conception and continue to the preschool-aged child.     


Karp MD, Harvey The Happiest Toddler on the Block : How To Eliminate Tantrums and Raise a Patient, Respectful & Cooperative One-to-Four Year Old , N.Y. : Bantam Dell 2004                             website: Dr. Karp, a California pediatrician, offers a “unique approach” to handling the parenting challenges in the toddler world.  His humorous, “cave-kid” strategies may be just what some exasperated parents need to hear and use.


  • Lipkin, Lisa Bringing the Story Home: The Complete Guide to Storytelling for Parents, N.Y. : WWNorton & Co. 2000               website:  Ms. Lipkin, a New York-based storyteller, teaches parents how to engage their 3-10 year old children in the timeless tradition of oral storytelling, using their (and your) imagination to enrich your family’s everyday life.


  • Medina PhD, John J Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart & Happy Child From Zero to Five, Washington : Pear Press 2010      website:   Dr. Medina, a brain scientist and parent, shares his findings and opinions in a storytelling format as a parent-guide on child development from pregnancy to age five.


  • Ruethling, Ann & Patti Pitcher Under the Chinaberry Tree : Books & Inspirations for Mindful Parenting , N.Y. : Broadway Books 2003   website:   Ms. Ruethling and Ms. Pitcher, creators of the Chinaberry books for children catalog, have co-authored a delightful and valuable resource filled with children’s books recommendations and engaging parent-share tips.


  • Sunderland PhD (x2), Margot The Science of Parenting: How Today’s Brain Research Can Help You Raise Happy, Emotionally-Balanced Children , N.Y. : DK Publishing 2016 website:    Dr. Sunderland, a child psychotherapist with more than 20 years experience working with families, relies on scientific studies in this book to teach parents techniques and strategies that nurture their children’s growth and brain development.


  • Van de Rijt PhD, Hetty & Frans Plooij PhD The Wonder Weeks: How to Stimulate Your Baby’s Mental Development & Help Him Turn His 10 Predictable, Great, Fussy Phases into Magical Leaps Forward, The Netherlands : Kiddy World Publishing 2013  website:  Drs. Rijt & Plooij, a married team of psychologists, co-authored this parent-guide filled information regarding a child’s growth, development & behavioral changes from birth to 20 months.


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