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Spoken language is a foundation building block for establishing Literacy and a critical part of your Family Literacy Circle.

Even if you and your family members are a quiet bunch, your newest little one could be genetically hard-wired as a lover of talk. His/her babbling frequency will clue you in. Most children have  a lot to say and want to share their thoughts.

SO-Jump out of your comfort zone and start talking!

Here are a few websites (with more than just language & speech development info) to guide you & yours along, starting with:

This family lifestyle site from Disney offers many “language” articles. Type “Child Language Acquisition” in its search engine to access the article link for “11 Ways to Jump-Start Infant Language Skills”. This article, co-written by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman has practical tips & strategies you may already be using.

The Child Development Institute’s Language Development in Children provides parents with “expert” tips & strategies as well as a developmental timeline for infants through 8 years old. This site, also, has links to articles from the American Speech & Hearing Association plus other topic-related articles.

Erica Hoff, PhD contributed a Language & Literacy article, “Language Development at an Early Age: Learning Mechanisms & Outcomes from Birth to Five Years”. It cites specific stages of “word learning” and provides multiple references for further readings. Click on the tab “According to experts”.

Rachel Cortese, a licensed speech-language pathologist, contributed her article, “Helping Toddlers Expand Their Language Skills: Tips for Encouraging Kids, Ages 0-5, to Talk” to the ChildMind Institue. She offers strategies & tips to help parents work with their children’s talking & communication skills.

This “Professional Resource for Teachers & Parents of Young Children, ages Infant to 8 years” is LOADED with topics, articles, activities & crafts. Sandra Crosser, PhD’s article, “Enhancing the Language Development of Young Children” gives readers an in-depth explanation of how language is learned from infants to preschoolers. Additional resource material is provided.

This site has many references & resources. A HUGE, detailed & printable Developmental Milestones chart for ages birth to 8 years includes Hearing, Speech, Language & Cognition.

Colleen Gardephe’s article, “9 Ways to Help Your Child’s Language Development” is a quick read with tips for parents. A video & other site article links are provided in “When Do Babies Talk?”

The National Institutes of Health includes a chart of Speech and Language Developmental  Milestones with its article.

This WONDERFUL interactive family site has many great childhood & parenting topics to explore. Click on Topics drop down menu for “Building Language Skills”. The “Find an Activity” link can be filtered by age (0-6), time (1-20 minutes) & type ( book, video, printable, article, interactive, or workshop).

Here’s the actual link to this website:

Tatyana Elleseff, a bilingual speech-language pathologist, blends speech, language & literacy with a KAZILLION topic-specific links within her website. Check out  “Wordless Picture Books”.

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