Fine Motor Skills Resource Sites: Activities & Exercises for Ages 4~6

Remember the first “fist-grasp” your newborn fixed on your finger? That endearing memory was an important primary muscle reflex your pediatrician was delighted to observe.

Then, there was your Toddler’s frequent fist-grasp….memorable, but probably not so endearing…..

The ability to pick up small objects, like pebbles, sticks, flowers is one thing. Manipulating those objects is another skill entirely.

Controlling objects to use as  tools is necessary for tracing, cutting, and writing skills. Those muscles need to be purposely exercised for development and growth into writing tools.

Here are several useful websites to help with your child’s Fine Motor Skills growth & development.  They are not listed in any particular order.

  • 40 Fine Motor Skills Activities by Anna Ranson, an early age teacher & parent, @ theimaginationtree/40finemotorskillsactivitiesforkids supplies pictures & how-to activity~exercise links for implementing them, using everyday materials found in the home.


  • Fine Motor Activities by Tracey le Roux, a pediatric OT & parent, @ otmomlearningactivities/finemotoractivities offer body-part & skill-specific exercises & activities.


  • Fine Motor Activities for Ages 4~6 by Heather Greutman @ growinghandsonkids/finemotoractivites lists age-specific skill expectations with activities to help master them.


  • Amanda Morin @verywellfamily has a thorough Kindergarten Readiness Checklist with an inner-site link to Fine Motor Skills: Fun Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills. This link provides 10 easy, everyday activities, using everyday materials to help build your child’s fine motor skills.


  • Home Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills Development @ is a 6-page list that includes activities for the development of handwriting skills. A list of references, books & articles is, also, included.


I’ve , also, include a few sites that offer FREE, downloadable practice skill-sheets for cutting, tracing & letter-writing:

  • offers multi-leveled skill sheets, starting with beginning, then, intermediate & finishing with advanced.
  • has printable skill sheets for cutting, tracing & letter-writing with teaching instructions include for each practice.
  • includes lots of colorful skill sheets for tracing. cutting & letter-writing practice.

Hope you find some Fine Motor Skills activities & exercises that are useful in preparing  your child for his/her writing success!


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