Ten Websites with Family~Friendly Movies-to-Watch Lists


Here are 10 Family Movie Lists websites where you can locate family-friendly choices. My disclaimer here is I don’t necessarily agree with what may be considered appropriate viewing/rating for a particular age group regarding language, violence, imagery, etc.

I just wanted to collect some cinematic possibilities for you and your family because watching movies can be so much FUN!!! So, please pass the popcorn and press PLAY!

  • 89 Incredibly Wonderful Movies You Need to Watch with Your Kids @www.buzzfeed.com                                                                             listed films have a “stream it live here” link   


  • Top 100 Kids & Family Movies @www.rotten tomatoes.com                                            #1-100 & can click to preview


  • 50 Best Kids Movies Together on Family Movie Night @www.timeout.com              

       #50-1 provides a short summary with a movie photo


  • Family Movies We Love @www.commonsensemedia.org                                 watch button with summary & review


  • Top Family Movie List @www.filmcrave.com                                            can create a list & watch a trailer


  • Family Movies @www.ranker.com                                                        movie categories, for example: best movies about dogs


  • The 30 Best Movies on Netflix (2017) @www.pastemagazine.com                        #30-1 can click on movie’s website link


  • List of Children’s Films @en.wikipedia.org                                               lists films in chronological order beginning with 1918


  • Best Family Movies to Watch @goodmovieslist.com                                   lists genres with movie links & watch button


  • Stream These Family-Friendly Classic Holiday Movies @nytimes.com                             log in for Your Watchlist


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