Creative Arts Book List: 20 Reads to Share with Your Aspiring Artist

I believe every human~young & old~has art within his/her soul. It comes as a gift of creation. Sometimes hidden, sometimes shy, sometimes unsure, it needs to be nurtured while young to be given its wings of expression.

A good book can help inspire that hesitant spark in all of us.

This small collection of book titles is divided into the Visual & Performing Arts. It does not include all of the numerous arts, such as Literature, Architecture, Culinary, Fashion, etc. Just drawing, a little sculpture, music & dance….

I’ve included whether the book is fiction or nonfiction (F/NF), the grade level of interest (GL), the number of pages in the read (pgs), & the reading level of the text (RL). They’re listed alphabetically by author.

The Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting & Sculpting

Altés, Marta I AM AN ARTIST: F / GL PK-2 / 30pgs / RL Beginning

Gelman, RG & PO Zelinsky DOODLER DOODLING : F / GL K-5 / 24pgs / RL Beginning

Larsen A & I Luxbacher THE IMAGINING GARDEN : F / GL PK-2 /32pgs / RL Beginning

Levine A & F Clement THE BOY WHO DREW CATS : F & Japanese Folktale / GL 1-2 / 52pgs / RL Beginning

Luyken C THE BOOK OF MISTAKES : F / GL PK-3 / 56pgs / RL Independent

Menchin, S & H Bliss GRANDMA IN BLUE WITH RED HAT : F / GL PK-3 / 32pgs / RL Beginning

Raczka, B ARTFUL READING : NF / GL 2-3 / 32pgs / RL Independent

Reynolds, A METAL MAN : F / GL K-3 / 32pgs / RL Beginning

Reynolds, PH THE DOT : F / GL PK-12 / 32pgs / RL Beginning

Schwartz, A BEGIN AT THE BEGINNING : F / GL PK-2 / 40pgs / RL Beginning

The Performing Arts: Music, Voice & Dance

Aliki AH, MUSIC ! : NF / GL K-5 / 48pgs / RL Independent

Beaumont, K & J Plecas BABY DANCED THE POLKA : F / GL PK-1 / 32pgs / RL Beginning

Bell, K & C Smith IF THE SHOE FITS : F / GL 2-3 / 64pgs / RL Independent

Busse, SM, J Martin & B Root BANJO GRANNY : F / GL 1-4 / 32pgs / RL Beginning

Clatter, C MORDICAI GERSTEIN : F / GL 1-4 / 40pgs / RL Independent

Henkes, K PENNY AND HER SONG : F / GL PK-3 / 32pgs / RL Independent

Kinerk, R & S Kellogg CLORINDA : F / GL PK-3 / 40pgs / RL Beginning

Singer, M & K Vallant FEEL THE BEAT: DANCE POEMS : Poetry & CD / GL K-3 / 32pgs / RL Independent

Smith, C, H Ying-Hwa & C VanWright JINGLE DANCER : F / GL PK-5 / 32pgs / RL Beginning

Williams-Garcia, R BOTTLE CAP BOYS DANCING ON ROYAL STREET : F / GL PK-3 / 32pgs / RL Independent


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