15 FUN & Hands-On Learning ABC Activities Websites

Is your Post – Toddler showing interest in letter shapes, letter sounds & words?      Already?!? 

With the help of Pinterest (LOVE THEM), I was able to browse several sites for fun ways to engage your soon-to-be bookworm & writer. Let’s start with your little author’s name….

You might need to change up some of the activities. Most of the site listed their activities for ages 2 & up. Regardless of your child’s age, start simple & easy. Confidence-building is important at this level because the task is huge, lengthy & can become frustrating. DON’T WANT THAT!!!

Again, let your child set the his/her own pace & learning style. Review & repeat for  solid foundation.

There are a variety of sequences the alphabet can be taught / learned. The traditional ABC may be preferred by you , but not your child. 

My students first letters were influenced by sounds: m & p. I suggest each letter of your eager learner’s name.

Here are just a few of the sites I felt would engage any young child ready to learn the ABCs:

www. b-inspiredmama.com

Former art teacher, Krissy has created a family-fun website loaded with activities, recipes & other family-life resources. The A through Z Letter of the Week Crafts for Preschool link provides readers with multiple blog contributors & their links to help inspire your alphabet learners.


Susie, a former teacher, has created a website PACKED with resources, tips & activities for teaching toddlers upper & lower case letters of the alphabet inside the home or outside in the yard. Believe me-there are TONS more than 50 activities!


Amber, a former pre-school educator, is the creator & writer behind this website. A resource for multiple age groups, she & other contributors provide teachers & parents with  wide range of academic & developmental activities. Click on Subjects & link to Alphabet Activities for Upper & Lowercase ABC Activities , Crafts & Printables Created Especially for Pre-Schoolers.


Beth Gordon’s blogsite is “filled with resources for preschool through high school learners”. Click on Alphabet to access TONS of games, activities, units & crafts for teaching the ABCs. 

Check out the partner website for more activities:




Jenae, a First grade teacher & parent, has created a website filled with engaging indoor & outdoor activities when your 2 to 4 year olds are ready to learn letter recognition & the alphabet.


Holly Homer is a website with information, tips, resources & activities for  families with children, ages baby through elementary. The article, “How to Homeschool Preschool”, contributed by Rachel of One Quirky Momma & One Crazy House, provides readers with a concise, 10 Things Kids Should Learn in Preschool list and a BUNCH of upper & lower case alphabet activities. This site is PACKED with academic & family life skills information.


Jo Kramer, an Early Childhood educator, has created an incredible resource website with an unbelievable amount of activities & printables. Your preschool-aged children & older will enjoy her Beginning Sound Animal Lacing activity for each letter of the alphabet. SO FUN!


Carol, a teacher & mother of 2 toddlers, provides readers with simple, fun activities that can be part of regular toddler play. She offers resources from a wide variety of contributors with a hands-on approach when teaching letter recognition.


Allison McDonald has created a collective literacy website filled with tons of ideas, activities & book lists for children, ages infant to elementary. This site has a teacher section as well. Click on the Letters & Numbers photo and gain access to LOTS of ABC activities. This site is JAM-PACKED!



Malia & her versatile team of contributing writers provide readers  with activities for Preschool to First grade learners. Go to categories & click on Letter Names, Letter Sounds & Letter Writing for TONS of activity ideas.


Vanessa Levin, a 20-year veteran educator, has a plethora of teaching ideas on her site. Click on Alphabet Activities for “hands-on learning ideas & activities to make learning the alphabet fun.” Letter of the Week is a great resource for NOT teaching the ABCs in order and/or as a “Letter of the Week” (LOTW).


Public school educator, Angela Thayer created this blog for “sharing hands-on activities for toddlers & preschoolers”. 5 Ways to Teach the Alphabet offers book lists, sensory activities & alphabet-formation rhymes (with upper & lower case printables) for teaching the alphabet. Although the rhymes printables are for purchase, she gives the vowels as a freebie.


Anna Geiger, an educator with a MEd, created a “Tools for Teaching” website. Her hands-on approach to teaching the ABCs crafts a variety of playful, engaging, 15-minute activities.


Becky  Spence, creator, has a MEd in Elementary Reading. This site has a wonderful mix of traditional, non-traditional &multi-sensory activities for teaching PreKinders who “already know their letters  & sounds”. This beginner curriculum: Learning the Alphabet & Reading the Alphabet, has activities & printables.


This literacy site was  created by Ami, a secondary school English teacher. It offers a Preschool, literature-based, letter of the week curriculum. She provides instructions, activities & book suggestions for each letter of the alphabet. It’s a real GEM!

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