10 Amazing, Info-Packed Websites for Parenting & Child Development

Child Development and Parenting Websites


When typing” Family Literacy” and “Child Development” into Google’s search engine to locate  support for my blog research, I came across several websites generously sharing age- specific information regarding the stages and characteristics for each level of growth in children from birth through adolescence.                              

Each of these sites offered parenting tips, practical solutions to common & uncommon problems, tools, and an abundance of assistance resources. Their advocacy to strengthen the family unit of parents and their children is encouraging and genuine. 


  • www.zerotothree.org, founded in 1977, uses the science of early childhood development into helpful resources, services, and practical tools to assist millions of parents, professionals, and policymakers around the world. Their newsletter, “From Baby to Big Kid” shares science=based information on how children learn and grow.
  • www.sesamestreetincommunities.org provides parents (and care-providers) information regarding numerous topics on health & wellness and social & emotional skills as well as school readiness. Go to the “Explore Topics” page for a TON of resources.
  • www.kidshealth.org is an educational site offering parents growth and development information as well as advice/strategies on school homework, discipline and “tough talk” subjects from pregnancy to teen dilemmas.
  • www.hopkinsmedicine.org of John Hopkins has specific and very detailed information about child development from newborn to adolescence. Look under Health/Library on the Main menu. Categories include specific physical as well as social and emotional development.
  • www.parents.com, home of Parents magazine, has a menu listing LOADS of resources and information from pre-pregnancy to “Big Kids” as wellas fun and holiday ideas. Their “Parenting” section has tips for all “kinds” of families to help you with your child’s manners. habits and behaviors. It’s really a site worth your time and exploration!
  • The Child Development Institute, LLC @ www.childdevelopmentinfo.com was formed in 1999 to provide parents with information and resources related to child development and family life. It includes learning through family activities and is linked to 1000s of other educational and professional websites.
  • www.babycenter.com is a global site supporting families from pre-pregnancy through “Big Kids” and parenting.  Each menu category offers informational topics with tools & resources as well as popular articles presented in written and video formats.
  • www.pathways.org provides its visitors tools and resources to help parents assess and promote their child’s motor, sensory, and communicative development from birth to 6+ years old. Pathways materials are supported by the American Academy of Pediatric discoveries.
  • www.longstreetclinic.com is a multi-specialty medical group owned and managed by physicians. Although their site offers comprehensive care for all adults and children, their pediatric team section has lots of information on childhood growth and development beginning at the neo-natal stage.
  • www.day2dayparenting.com has content written by early childhood development specialists  for parents of children ages 0-60 months. The site provides tools & resources for parenting and child routines, child development, and child behavior.

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