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 Families learn, teach, and grow,  within a MULTITUDE of lessons through countless experiences shared with each other.

Whether positive, negative, or somewhere in between,  these family life experiences influence who we are.

homemade hearts together
homemade hearts together/congerdesigns

Your life within your family  impacts everyone around you:    siblings, relatives,  friends, teachers, pets, co-workers, and, strangers.

SO, are you a parent or about to become one? Are you a family member, teacher or student?

Would you like family- reading & writing- times to be the  CHOSEN activity instead of constant video games?

Would you like to see flurries of creativity through craft-making instead of channel surfing for the next entertainment?

How about “all hands on deck”  for kitchen duties instead of the lonely, everyday, solo act?                                                                                         

If you answered YES!!! to any or ALL of these questions, but don’t know HOW, WHEN or WHERE to start, this little website is for you……and yours!


With over 40 years experience (plus the years I spent with dolls, stuffed animals, siblings & friends) teaching others how to read, write, cook & craft (as well as math, science, geography, etc)  in the public sector (elementary schools) and private venues (restaurants, retail shops, learning centers, homes), I have learned LOTS of ways to help even the most reluctant student  set and reach goals. I LOVE teaching, learning & sharing ideas to anyone who has the desire to grow and create.


I will share my strategies, tips, and content with you for use with your family and/or friends.

I have LOTS of helpful ideas on how, when & where to start and, then, KEEP ON GOING.

I am always open to new ways of setting goals as well as reaching them IN SPITE of setbacks. You can and WILL make these dreams into a wonderful reality…….in time. 


The Literacy Circle of Life

Some like to read. Some like to write. Some like to read & write. AND some do not like to read or write. SHOCKING-but it’s true!

For some, Math is the easiest way to teach reading & writing…… Yes, it can be done and you can do it!

It really is “A Wonderful Life” when you are able to use your reading and/or writing skills to:

  • explore the unknown
  • discover the amazing
  • investigate the mysterious
  • search the clues
  • uncover the secrets
  • locate the information
  • study the interesting

Developing  tools for this journey begins early in life with you as the first teacher – modeling, encouraging and creating experiences to educate your learner (s) – each one learning in very different ways.

Being familiar with the learning styles of people, especially young ones, can help us learn how to teach others in fun, yes fun, and effective ways. Usually, some one’s go-to learning style is:

  • visual, or seeing to learn
  • auditory, or hearing to learn
  • kinesthetic, or hands-in-it to learn

Sometimes  a combination of 2 or 3 styles is a great way to reach, engage, and secure a place in the learner’s attention and interest.

My “old school” go-to materials: paper, pencils, colors, and a GOOD book with a limitless imagination are the necessary elements of a positive, learning environment. Scissors and glue are definitely big helpers in this arena.

You have the ability to teach your learners how to successfully reach the  goals you and s/he set together in all these arenas!

To Handcraft with Love

You and yours may feel like “The Swiss Family Robinson” trying to survive on a desert island, or a crafting table. But let me assure you, ANYONE can enjoy and create a treasure out of……nothing (or to some known as trash- I prefer the term reusable stuff).

Hands-on activities are the easiest ways to engage even the  most reluctant learner. Take a quick inventory:

  • what  things/objects/toys grab/keep their attention
  • what sounds do they like
  • what colors attract them
  • what textures appeal to them
  • what are their favorite foods/drinks
  • what smells make them smile

Our 5 senses help define who we are. Although our likes/dislikes may change as we grow, they are big, valuable clues that give you a map of your learners’ world. Use it and you’ll be amazed at the places you can go. 

People make a craft to:

  • have fun (WOW!! I’m not bored anymore!);
  • create (GOSH!! I’m really enjoying this!);
  • learn (OH!!! I didn’t know I could do this!;)
  • relax (yes, children need this, too);
  • give (YES!! I made it myself just for you!)

Working and/or playing with materials, I think, fulfills a basic human need to feel creative and productive. Remember how proud you were giving your loved one something handmade with care for that special reason- birthday, holiday, just because.

Here are some of the benefits of crafting with your learners:

  • cooperating with each other
  • risk-taking in the unknown
  • brainstorming different approaches
  • communicating directions to each other
  • developing fine motor skills
  • understanding how to manipulate materials
  • sequencing steps to a finished product
  • feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment
  • creating something of value

And, of course, my favorite benefit- making/producing a MESS, but NOT  cleaning/reorganizing the MESS!!! 

Because……serious play is hard work!

Guess What’s Coming to the Family Table

Speaking of a “Field of Dreams”, if you have help putting together the family meal, raise your soap sudsy hand?

I’m defining help with the family table and its elements as:

  • meal planning & listing
  • grocery budgeting & shopping
  • grocery in-home organizing
  • food preparing & serving
  • kitchen appliances & counters cleaning
  • table setting & unsetting
  • left-over packaging
  • dishes washing & drying
  • dishes in-home organizing

Dessert, anyone? Seriously!?!

And some of you solo hearth-dwellers, do this 3 or more times a day! Including snack times……

Now, I LOVE most of the above kitchen “duties”, but spreading the love around is rewarding for everybody. And I promise you, future family members will SO appreciate it.

With “all hands on deck” (and not just during mealtime), family time,  then, becomes family life. Sometimes mundane/boring chores can be fun when doing it together. Coming from a family of seven, I can tell you, more hands get more done more quickly. 

Don’t allow the learning curve (are they EVER going to get this right) to discourage what can and will be one of the most important parts of living together as a family. 

You will see sparks of success slowly start to occur if you change along with the change you are trying to accomplish.


frog watching a movie with popcorn
popcorn & movie /alexasfoto

After reeling in today and tomorrow’s  catch (again), sometimes  watching a good movie together as a family can get a point across quicker than your nagging, I mean pleading, and well-intentioned (you’ll thank me for this later), voice. Who knows, maybe even several points will  wander in and take hold……

Growing up in a family of seven who enjoyed TV and movie-time, I understand the value of shared media events.

Sitting in the family room, going to a theater, or driving to a drive-in (SO MUCH FUN) together to watch a good movie,  can be a memorable and, even an enlightening experience.  Eating a huge bowl of hot, buttery, salty popcorn with something chocolate and chewy is very nice, too.

Shared cinema -viewing can:

  • spark one or more family discussions
  • teach important life lessons
  • present new ways of looking at people & situations
  • encourage understanding & empathy
  • inspire risk-taking & creativity
  • provide an opportunity to identify story elements

And who knows- maybe you won’t have to make and/or serve the the snacks and drinks!

As a little thank you for reading BizzyLizzyBiz’s Home page, I’ve compiled a list of movies for you and yours  might enjoy.

click to download BLB presents A Family Movie Guide


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a collection of creativity nurtured by my life as a parent, daughter, sibling, friend, and educator.

Experiencing the splendors of nature through gardening, the pleasures of home’s hearth through cooking, the thrills of adventure through traveling, the joys of discovery through reading, as well as the contentment of expression through crafting continue to energize and inspire me.

Sharing with each other, learning from each other, and teaching each other will, hopefully, encourage us to stimulate growth and accomplishment, not only in our children, but also, in ourselves.

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